Lab equipments educational equipment electrically controlled dual-fuel engine trainer engine training bench


Technical parameter

1. Dimension: 1400x1000x1800mm; (L x W x H)

2. Working power: 12V/60AH battery

3. Working temperature: -40℃~50℃

4. Fuel tank capacity: 10L/gasoline, 2m3/gas

5.Suitable car or engine models listed below:


Car model


Jetta 1.6L


Santana AJR


Toyota Vios 8A-FE

Product description

The trainer displays the basic principles and structures of electronically controlled duel fuel engine, and simulates its operation.

Product Detail

Product composition

Dual fuel engine assembly






Fault insert module




Training panel with circuit schematic


OBD diagnostics seat


Related accessaries for starting engine


Mobile stand


Main Features

1. Normal engine operations like running, starting acceleration, deceleration, idling, fault detection and diagnosis, fault simulation, and can rule out the condition of the actual operation.

2. Fault simulation systems can simulate actual operating conditions, common failure to set a variety of real car engine

3. The voltmeter can show the real-time change of the sensors and actuators and the injector pulse displays the working status of oil of the original device through the LED light.

4. Pointer fuel oil pressure gauges indicate pressure value and pointer vacuum gauge indicates vacuum pressure value

5. With the diagnosis of original car seat, can use computer diagnostic equipment to read fault codes and data flow of the engine control system.

6. The training bench panel with 5MM quality aluminum plate fine spray color circuit schematics will not change its color or fade or deform for more than 10 years. The nice argent material package side is better than retrofitting plexiglass system (The plexiglass is easy to break or deform due to the time and environment.).The students can understand and analyze how the control system works directly by observing the circuit diagram and the engine.

7. The detecting terminal is mounted on the panel of the training bench. Each sensors, actuators can be detected directly on the panel. The engine controls unit pin electrical signal, such as the resistance, voltage, current, frequency, waveform signals etc.

8. The training panel is installed with main power switch, tank guard, flywheel and other rotating parts shields and other safety protection device.

9. The base portion of the training panel is welded with steel structure .The panel cabinet is stamped and it is separable from the base. The bench surface has used the paint technology with a direction of self-locking casters device.

10. Fault setting function:  

The user can choose the fault setting function. Manual fault setting or intelligent fault-setting can be used to test the equipment. (Equipped with a communication interface and network interface)