Automotive training board teaching board electrical training boards electrically controlled air suspension trainer


Technical parameter

Dimensions: 1000x1500x1800mm

Product description

The trainer uses Lexus 400 electronically controlled pneumatic suspension system. It meets the teaching needs of the structure, working principle and fault setting and diagnosis of the suspension electronic control system.


Product Detail

Product composition

Door switch


Height control switch


Air suspension system


Brake switch


Air suspension computer


Diagnostic seat


Mobile stand


Main features

1. It fully simulates various cars driving condition. The air suspension system automatically elevates, descends and automatic damping changes when driving condition changes, etc.

2. The complete schematics and detection terminal of the air suspension system are printed on the bench panel. Voltage, resistance, frequency, etc. of various sensors and air suspension system can be detected by instrument.

3. It can simulate the road conditions, load changes, driving conditions and then the computer will adjust automatically.

4. After setting the fault, the trainees can use the instrument to find the location and content of the faults through the fault troubleshooting exercises.

5. It is equipped with data detection port. The trainees can use the instruments to read and clear the fault code, read the dynamic data flow and set the parameter.