Anatomical model dissection training car cutaway model training kits


Product description

The dissection car can clearly show the internal structure of the main components of the car by sectioning the original vehicle's critical systems. It is an ideal training device for showing the operation of a car and the structure of a car.

Product Detail

Structure and composition

1. Include all the original components and systems of Jetta car.

2. Operation manual and experimental manual;

3. Car maintenance manual.


1. The engine can be run and all the components system can work as a real car, the students can observe how the system works;

2. Original car brand can be Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.

Technical parameter:

1. Dimensions: same as the real car.

2. Maintenance intervals: 90 days

Suitable car models listed below:


Car model


Volkswagen Jetta car (front wheel drive)


Toyota Hiace (rear wheel drive)