Automobile Airbag System Teaching Board Electrical Training Boards


Technical parameter

1. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1860mm

2. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Product description

The teaching board uses new Passat airbag system components. It shows the composition and working principle of the automobile airbag system. 

Product Detail

Product composition

Airbag computer


Air tank


Fault set module


Crash sensors


Left and right airbag


Power supply


Mobile stand


Main features

1. The panel is equipped with airbag component. It can fully display the structure of the airbag so that students can have good understanding of each component.

2. The whole working process of collision sensors - Computers - spiral cable - the inflatable element - airbags – detonated can be displayed when the sensor collision receive the collision signal by the indicator on the panel.

3. The electrical signals of the airbag system, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency, etc., can be directly measured.

5. Reading fault codes and clearing fault codes of the airbag control unit can be done by instrumentation.

6. It has the troubleshooting areas and fault setting areas, multiple faults can be set.