School Equipment Electrical Training Boards Automobile Electric Seat teaching Board


Technical parameter

1. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1890mm

2. Power supply: DC12V, battery.

Product description

The teaching board uses real car electric seat as the base. It can fully demonstrate the structure and work process of car electric seat system.


Product Detail

Product composition

Electric seat control switch


Electric seat


Moobile stand


Main features

1. It can really show the auto spare parts and its structure of the electric seat.

3. All the working processes and working conditions of the power seat can be displayed by operating control switch.

4. Various working conditions of the seat can be observed.

5. Complete circuit diagram of the power seat system is painted on the panel and you can learn intuitively how the electric seat works.

6. The device uses casters so that it makes it convenient for mobile teaching.

7. Power Seats’ action can be controlled by a switch on the panel and the seat.