Electrical training boards educational technology equipmen automobile electric sliding skylight teaching board


Technical parameter

1. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1890mm

2. Power supply: DC12V, battery

Product description

The product uses real car sliding sunroof system assembly. It can fully demonstrate the structure and working process of the car slip sunroof system.

Product Detail

Product composition

Auto sliding sunroof assembly


Sunroof system


Mobile stand


Main features

1. Real auto sliding sunroof system fully shows the structure and composition of the auto sliding sunroof system.

2. It can demonstrate the work process of the car slip skylight system.

3. The teaching board panel is printed with the circuit diagram.

4. The teaching board is mounted with detection terminals. The electrical signals of each circuit element, such as resistors, voltage, current, etc., in the car sliding sunroof system can be directly measured.