Electric Power Drive and Automation Technology Training and Assessment Equipment for Schools


Product description

This training device adopts a mash plate structure and it is suitable for subjects training below:

1. Electrician training

2. Electrical training, electrical control technology

3. Electric drive control circuit and skills training

Electronic training and related experimental and educational subjects

Product Detail

Technical parameter 

1. Dimension : About 1670mm×760mm×1730mm

2. Working power: Three-phase four wire (or three-phase five wire) ~380V±5% 50Hz

3. Working temperature: -10°C~40°C, relative humidity<85%(25°C)

4. Power supply: <1.0KVA

5. Weight : 200kg

Product composition





Training platform

Double iron microgroove spray fireproofing veneer table. High wear-resistant density board with drawer and universal wheel.


Training screen

It is made by double iron Matt microgroove spray, mesh plate structure. And it provides the AC power supply,DC power supply,  switch, socket, testing instruments and training device.


Electrical components

Including electric soldering iron,iron frame, pointer  multi-meter MF-50, digital multi-meter, single-phase meter, three-phase meter, current transformer, megger, clamp ammeters, insurance box, fuse, pull switch, round socket, flat holder, 20W fluorescent lamp, phase-change switch resistance, transformer components, hacksaw frame, single-phase motor, three-phase motor(180W), AC contractor, combined switch, 3H button, thermal relay, time relay, 50W transformer, single pole switch, three-phase knife switch, signal lamp, wire slot, copper clad laminates(PCB), general welding circuit board(welding training) ,electronic skill training assessment components (including special circuit board and homologous device).


Connecting cable 


Nipper pliers, screw driver,wire 


Containing wrenches, pliers, cutting pliers, stripping pliers, tweezers and so on.

Basic experiments

1. Three-phase asynchronous motor switch to directed control circuit

2. Three-phase asynchronous motor Jog control circuit

3. Three-phase asynchronous motor self-locking control circuit

4. Three-phase asynchronous motor overload protection control circuit

5. Three-phase asynchronous motor forward and reverse control circuit

5.1 Inverted switch control

5.2 Contactor interlock

5.3 Button interlock

6. Three-phase asynchronous motor complex interlocking control- circuit-button and contactor control

7. Table automatic round-trip control circuit

8. Three-phase asynchronous motor series resistance starting circuit

8.1 Contactor control

8.2 Time relay control

9. Three-phase asynchronous motor manual Y/Δ starting

10. The three-phase asynchronous motor control contactor Y/Δ starting

11. The three-phase asynchronous motor relay time control Y/Δ starting

12. Multi control of three-phase asynchronous motor

13. Three phase asynchronous motor Half-wave rectifier braking control circuit

14. Three-phase asynchronous motor Full wave rectifier energy consumption braking control circuit

15. No.620 lathe electrical control circuit

16. Phase asynchronous motor Manual voltage starting

17. Electric hoist electrical control circuit

18. No.6163 lathe electrical control circuit

19. The three-phase asynchronous motor main circuit interlock control circuit

20. Two-speed manual transmission motor control circuit

21. Two speed motor time relay control circuit

22. Synchronous motor Energy consumption brake control circuit

23. DC motor start training

24. DC motor speed training

25. DC motor reversal training

26. DC motor braking training

27. DC motor disassembly training

28. DC motor maintenance training