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Product description

This integrated system is designed in accordance with electrical measurement and casters to undergraduate course and vocational education. It is applied in the teaching and training for the application of electronics and instruments, the experiments covers all the contents of electrical measurement, and involves parts of the connection and application of household circuit.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: L×W×H: About 1600×700×1881  Desk height: About 900mm

2. Working power: Three-phase five line power: 380V±10%,50Hz, capacity≤1.5KVA

3. Working temperature: Temperature: -10℃~+40℃,  relative humidity: ≤85%(25℃), Altitudes≤4000m

4. Leakage protection: Leakage current <30mA

Product composition





Experimental Desk

Experiment bench, T frame, Control panel


Experiment Module

Incandescent lamp

Three-phase switch

Analog meter 1

Digital meter 1

Analog meter 2

Analog meter 3

Digital meter 2

Universal circuit experiments module

Floor scent lamp

Watt-hour meter 1

Watt-hour meter 2

Watt-hour meter 3

Capacitor module

Kelvin Bridge

Wheatstone Bridge




Connecting lead, U-type connector, User manual, Training manual

Basic experiments

1. Meter measuring precision& errors and electrical common symbols

2. Meter used in practice & calculation of measuring errors

3. Range expanded experiment of electromotive DC voltmeter & ammeter 

4. Usage of power meter

5. Measurement of power factor meter

6. Measurement of three-phase power meter

7. Increase of fluorescent lamp & power factor

8. Measurement of resistance

9. Resistance measurement by Wheatstone Bridge method

10. Resistance measurement by Kelvin Bridge method

11. Capacitance measurement by the AC Bridge method

12. Induction measurement by the AC Bridge method

13. Calibration of single-phase Watt-hour meter

14. Calibration of induction type three-phase Watt-hour meter

15. Calibration of electric three-phase Watt-hour meter

Main features

1. German style: Open, compact, easy loading and unloading of the experimental modules, can be flexibly combined

2. High security

● Experiment modules use the 10Kv high voltage insulation panel to prevent the leakage phenomenon of metal panel, and can ensure personal safety

● Current-leakage protection: If leakage occurs, power will be cut immediately and automatically

● Experimental panel use the protective jack, cable used with the protection of the pistol plug, safe and reliable;

3. Expansibility: Users can customize new modules, according to the demands of featured teaching.