Electrical Engineer Test Training Equipment , Primary electrical lighting skills assessment training device


Product description

It can be used as electrical instrumentation and lighting circuits operating training device. And it can also be used in Labor Occupational Skill Testing departments, colleges, vocational school, technical school of the early, middle and senior maintenance electrician skills assessment.

1. The structure of the electric control line components is plank and hanging box.

2. Device is provided with a voltage - and current leakage protector, which can make sure of the operator’s safety.

3. All components are leaded to the terminals by wire. And apprentices just need to wiring on terminals.

4. It can be carry out process training and conduct trace walking.

5. Training circuits and devices are connected to secure socket and highly reliable pistol inserted wire sheath structure.

Product Detail

Technical parameter  

1. Dimension: About 1770mm × 640mm × 1580mm

2. Working power:  three-phase four wire (or three-phase five wire)~380V±10% 50Hz ; <1.5KVA

3. Working temperature: -10°C~40°C, relative humidity<85%(25°C), altitude<4000m

4. Action current leakage protection: ≤30mA

5. The action time of leakage protection: ≤0.1s

Product composition





Training platform

1 set


Training panel

1 set


Hanging box module

5 sets


Supporting cable

1 set


Supporting electrical components

1 set

Basic experiments

1. Direct connection of single-phase watt-hour meter

2. Three-phase meter wiring users

3. Three-phase meter wiring with transformer

4. Three current transformers, three current meter for measuring a star wiring

5. Two current transformers, three current meter for measuring V-shaped wiring

6. Installation of outdoor lighting

7. Installation of lighting on the three-phase three-wire line

8. Installation and wiring of fluorescent lamp

9. Double switch control a lighting circuit connection

10. DC voltmeter and direct way of measuring meter

11. Using a voltmeter to measure the voltage

12. Three-phase four wire shunt with three wiring leakage protection switch