Primary Electrical Skills Testing Assessment Training Board Devices for schools


Product description

The structure of the electric control line components is plank and hanging box: Equipped with a variety of electrical lighting circuits as single-phase watt-hour meter, incandescent, fluorescent, Single switch, dimmer switch, sensor switch, touch switches, sockets and electrical control low-voltage such as Leakage circuit breakers, voltmeter, ammeter, buttons, lights, fuses, current transformers, contactors, time relay, relay, thermal relay, limit switch, switch, and three-phase four-wire active energy meter, three-phase four line reactive power meter and so on.Identification of equipment comes with multiple motors and can support for a variety of experimental.

Product Detail

Technical parameter  

1. Dimension: About 1770mm × 640mm × 1580mm

2. Working power: three-phase four wire (or three-phase five wire)~380V±10% 50Hz; <1.5KVA  

3. Working temperature: -10°C~40°C, relative humidity<85%(25°C), altitude<4000m

4. Action current leakage protection: ≤30mA

5. The action time of leakage protection: ≤0.1s

Product composition





Training platform

1 set


Training panel

1 set


Hanging box module

3 sets


Supporting cable

1 set


Supporting electrical components

1 set

Basic experiments

1. Single-phase start-stop control circuit

2. Jog asynchronous motor control circuit

3. Two asynchronous motor control circuit

4. Asynchronous motor reversing control interlock circuit

5. Double interlock control circuit

6. Automatic sequence control circuit

7. Manual sequential start

8. Asynchronous motor star, triangle control circuit

9. Asynchronous motor braking control circuit

10. Three-phase asynchronous motor reversing control button interlock circuit

11. Reversing control circuit of three-phase asynchronous motor button interlock circuit

12. Positive inversion control circuit of three-phase asynchronous motor double interlocking

13. Unidirectional reduced voltage starting and braking control circuit

14. Asynchronous motor braking control circuit

15. Automatic reciprocating circuit

16. Reversible jog, startup control circuit

17. The automatic control circuit with slightly moving

18. The self-locking circuit of asynchronous motor

19. Single-phase asynchronous motor jog, startup control circuit

20. The stator of three-phase asynchronous motor series resistance reduced voltage starting manual control circuit

21. The stator of three-phase asynchronous motor series resistance reduced voltage starting automatic control circuit

22. Contactor control two-speed motor control circuit

23. The control circuit of time relay to control the double speed motor