Electrical Assembly Electrician Training, Intermediate Electrician Skill Assessment Training Device (Middle Rank)


Product description

The structure of the electric control line components is plank and hanging box. It has PLC inverter, touch screen and other training module, which combined with multiple motors. And it can complete the PLC,inverter, touch screen control training on motor and skills assessment.

Product Detail

Technical parameter  

1. Dimension: About 1770mm × 640mm × 1580mm

2. Working power:  three-phase four wire (or three-phase five wire)~380V±10% 50Hz; <1.5KVA

3. Working temperature: -10°C~40°C, relative humidity<85%(25°C), altitude<4000m

4. Action current leakage protection: ≤30Ma

5. The action time of leakage protection: ≤0.1s

Product composition






Training platform

1 set

Double iron microgroove spray fireproofing veneer table and  high wear-resistant density board with drawer and universal wheel.


Training panel

1 set

It is made by double iron Matt microgroove spray, mesh plate structure. And it provides the AC power supply, switch, socket, testing instruments and training device.


Matching motor

1 set


Training module

6 pcs


Supporting cable

1 set

Basic experiments

1. Three-phase asynchronous motor directed starting control circle

1. Three-phase asynchronous motor directed starting control circle

2. Three-phase asynchronous motorelectric control circuit

3. Three-phase asynchronous motor self-locking control circuit

4. Three-phase asynchronous motor forward and reverse control circuit

5. Three-phase asynchronous motor reversing contactor interlock control circuit

6. Dual-phase asynchronous motor reversing control interlock circuit

7. Three-phase asynchronous motor control circuit round the table automatically

8. Two-phase asynchronous motor starting and stopped sequence control circuit.

9. The two-phase asynchronous motor control circuit

10. Contactor control 

11. Time relay control 

12. The three-phase asynchronous motor unidirectional starting braking control circuit

13. Three-phase asynchronous motor without half-wave rectifier transformer dynamic braking control

14. Three-phase asynchronous motor has full-wave rectifier transformer dynamic braking control

15. Three-phase asynchronous motor start reversing the brake control circuit power consumption

16. Single-phase squirrel cage motor control circuit capacitor start

17. Two-speed manual transmission AC induction motor control circuit

18. Two-speed automatic transmission AC induction motor control circuit

19. The power failure delayed the DC dynamic braking of start control circuit

20. Three-phase asynchronous motor reversing braking control circuit

21. Reverse -phase asynchronous motor start reversing the brake control circuit

22. No.C620 Turning electrical control circuit

23. Electric hoist electric control

24. No.Y3150Hobbing machine control circuit

25. The basic operating instructions of the programmable controller

26. LED digital display control

27. Light-day control tower simulation

28. Analog crossroads traffic lights

29. Simulated robot action

30. Simulation of four conveyor belt

31. Simulation of assembly line control

32. Simulation of five phase stepper motor control

33. Simulation of the water level analog control

34. Analog quasi-liquid mixing index analog control

35. Simulation of analog mail sorting machine control

36. Simulation of rolling steel machine analog control

37. Simulation of automatic molding machine control

38. Simulation of automatic Feeding loading control 

39. Simulation of automatic washing machine control 

40. Simulation of plating production line control

41. PLC controlled three-phase asynchronous motor reversing control

42. PLC controlled three-phase asynchronous motor  starting control

43. PLC controlled three-phase asynchronous electric start control buck

44. PLC-controlled three-phase asynchronous electric brake control energy consumption

45. The installation and operation of the converter function parameters

46. Inverter alarm and protection function

47. Multi speed selection of variable frequency speed governing

48. The external terminals of electric control

49. Reversing motor control motion control

50. Running time motor control operation

51. Momentary power inverter parameter settings

52. External voltage frequency control

53. External current inverter

54. The frequency of the three-phase asynchronous motor open loop speed control

55. PLC control inverter