Vocational Maintenance Electrician Training Equipment, Latest Senior Electrician Skill Assessment Training Device


Product description

It can finish the experiment of electrical engineering, electrical principles, circuit analysis, analog electronic technology, digital circuit, electrical control equipment and so on.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Working power: Three-phase four wire power, indicator light when input

Power output has two fuses and leakage protection switch protection

1. It is single, three-phase adjustable AC power supply, three-phase 0~430V continuously, and it has 0~250V single adjustable power with a 1.5KVA three-phase self-tuning regulator,

 three pointer AC voltmeter and indicating regulator.

2. 3-24V low voltage AC voltage is adjustable in seven files, the maximum output current is1.5A, ammeter indicates

3. Low-voltage DC power supply voltage 5V, current 0.5A, ammeter indicates

4. Dual constant current and voltage supply, output voltage 0~30V, continuous adjustment of multi potentiometer , the maximum output current is1.5A, each power output is 0.5 digital

 ammeter, voltmeter indication. Voltage spike pressure degrees<10-2, Load spike given degree<10-2, Ripple voltage <5mv.

5. Single-phase AC mains output for user-owned devices

Product composition





Common electrical and electronic technology experimental device

1 set


Supporting tools

1 set

Basic experiments

1. Common used instrument

2. Identification and detection of common used electronic components

3. Electrical and electronics soldering iron disassembly skills training

4. The production of printed circuit boards

5. Three-terminal integrated voltage regulator DC power supply

6. DC power supply in series production

7. Assembly and testing of the low-frequency signal voltage amplifier

8. Fabrication and testing with negative feedback signal amplifier circuit.

9. Bridge oscillator welding and debugging

10. Production and testing of the battery voltage monitoring circuit

11. The production of electronic hypnotizing circuit

12. Production training of "cicada" analog electronic circuits

13. Production training of practical voice, light control and energy-saving lamps

14. Production and training of voice alarm horn

15. Production and training of logic tester

16. Production and training of positive and negative pulse signal

17. Quiz Responder production

18. Production of water level alarm circuit

19. Production of  Mini flash lantern

20. Light control music doorbell

21. Practical production of simulated natural wind controller

22. Lamp dimming circuit

23. The utility CMOS touch key circuit

24. Auto Charger production

25. Aassembly and debugging of transistor radio