New energy training equipment wind and solar energy comprehensive utilization trainer test bench device


Product description

Desktop modular structure, device consists of wind driven generator, solar battery panel, solar controller, storage battery, stand-alone inverter, DC load, AC load , AC and DC voltmeter, man-made light source, etc. The resources of the whole training device are completely open to users which is benefit for users’ second time development, the controller has many kinds protection, includes storage reversed connection, storage under voltage and overvoltage protection, solar battery module short circuit protection, with automatic recovery output over current protection function, output short circuit protection function. 

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 1700 mm x 700 mm x 1500 mm

2. Working power: Single phase AC220V, power < 500 VA

3. Wind driven generator

● Motor output voltage: 24V

● Start wind speed: 3M/S

● Rated wind speed: 8M/S

● Rated rotary speed: 400r/m

● Working wind speed: 3 M/S – 25 M/S

● Solar battery group

4. Solar battery panel is the core part of solar power system. Its function is to change the solar energy to electric energy or send to storage battery and being stored or supply power to load.

5. Power: 30W

6. Open circuit voltage: 21V

7. Short circuit current: 2A

8. Maximum power voltage: 17.5V

9. Maximum power current: 1.7A

10. Module size: 550mm×505mm×30mm

Product composition





K2 jumper line

20 PCS


Basic experiment

1. The principle of wind power generator 
2. Energy conversion experiment of solar photovoltaic panels 
3. The influence of environment on PV transformation
4. The influence of environment on wind power generator 
5. Direct load characteristic test of solar cell photovoltaic system
6. Working principle experiment and protection measures of solar controller
7. Experiment on overcharging protection of solar cells 
8. Experiment on battery discharge protection of solar controller 
9. Operation principle experiment and protection measures of off net Inverters 
10. The application of AC load and DC load
11. Single chip computer programming experiment 
12. The use of SCM download software 
13. The application of IR2110 driver chip