Electric Machine Training System, Educational Equipment for Schools


The electric machines training system has been designed suitable for experiments and testing in skills development and training. The machines is uses industrial grade models,  self-protected,  with coupling half joint, especially adapt for students training in laboratory. For this purpose the winding ends are connected to 4 mm safety socket in a metal housing on  top of which a clear synoptic diagram is engraved as an educational terminal board. The student can easily understand operation and winding connection. Also most of the  accessories and instruments design in panel system A4 is high in standard. The machines power is approximately a maximum of 370W, as the supply requirement for the system operation requires 240/415V, 50/60 Hz.  

Product Detail

Product composition

The system is composed of the following components:

1. Control unit

2. Brake unit

3. Universal power supply

4. Universal resistor

5. Electric machines

6. Universal power meter

7. Interface for electric machines with software


Basic experiments

The equipment covers the learning objectives via experiment includes:

1. Starting control  

2. Self-Lock control  

3. First connection for contactor (KM)  

4. Second connection for contactor (KM)  

5. Third connection for contactor (KM)  

6. Fourth connection for contactor (KM)  

7. The working principles of forward and reverse rotation control circuits of switch interconnects

8. Forward and reverse rotate control circuits of contactor interconnect (1)  

9. Forward and reverse rotate control circuits of contactor interconnect (2)  

10. Auto stop control by travel switch  

11. The connection of changing star to delta  

12. Operates the DC motor & DC generator  

13. DC Motor & DC generator usage