Educational power supply training equipment, Power Transmission and Distribution Experiment System


The power transmission line trainer set it will be possible to assemble an absolute power transmission system. From a transformer with tapping switch to the power circuit breaker and 415V power transmission line model, including line termination with surge impedance.

Various experiments can be are carried out on this power transmission system, no load operation with natural load, asymmetrical and asymmetrical short circuit, parallel and series compensation of the transmission line as well as neutral-point connection.

Product Detail

Basic experiments

The equipment covers the learning objectives via experiment such as:

1. Symmetrical load and unsymmetrical load connection

2. Voltage and frequency control by inverter unit

3. Characteristic of transformer feeder

4. RL circuits in transmission line

5. RC circuits in transmission line

6. RLC circuits in transmission line

7. Earth fault compensation and its characteristic

8. Excitation voltage controller with motor generator

9. Characteristic of generating voltage

10. Measuring power in each line