Vocational Training Equipment, Educational Fire Alarm System Training Kit


This is a standard 2-zone fire alarm system but specially adapted to function as a training unit. Components such as controls, detectors, warning devices and etc. Is clearly labelled and systematically arranged on a study panel.

The terminals of each component are brought out and terminated at 4mm terminal posts / sockets.

Circuit construction can be achieved by inter-connecting the desired components via plug-in connecting leads to form various complete functional circuits.

This is an excel lent unit for students to study typical fire alarm and component parts as well as providing facilities for fault simulations and practical experience in troubleshooting.

Product Detail

Technical parameter


i. 220~240VAC, 1 phase, 50/60Hz via input cable c/w 10~20A,

ii. 3-pin BS plug top.

Product composition

1. This unit consists of the following:

i. 1 x Mobile Console

ii. 1 x System Control and Indicators

iii. 1 x System Connecting Points/Terminals

iv. 2 x Zone Indications (2 LED + 2 Toggle switches)

v. 2 x Smoke Detector

vi. 2 x Heat Detector

vii. 1 x Flashing Lights

viii. 1 x Bell & Buzzer

ix. 2 x Panic Glass Break Emergency Switches

2. Mobile console consists of the following:

i. 1 x Study Panel

ii. 1 x Working Bench Top

iii. 1 x Lower Cabinet with 3 Storage Drawers

iv. 4 x Castor Wheels

3. System Control and Indicators

i. 1 x Solid State Control Station

ii. 1 x Ammeter

iii. 1 x Voltmeter

iv. 25 x LED Monitor Lights

v. 5 x Push Buttons

vi. 2 x Panel Fuses

vii. 4 x Toggle Switches

4. System Connecting Points/Terminals

i. 32 x Terminal posts / sockets 4mm

ii. 6 x Toggle Switches

iii. 1 x Battery Charger/Reg. Power Supply DC 24V

iv. 1 x Set of connecting leads both ends fitted with 4mm stacking jack

v. 2 x End of line resistor

vi. 1 x Standby Battery Set