Didactic educational portable electronic Experiment Analog logic gate trainer, Logic Circuit Board Kits


Product description

This training kit is a comprehensive electronic design platform for electronic system design and teaching. It can carry out multi type experiment and it is suitable for electronic technology research and development in the vocational and technical school and universities.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 500mm × 380mm × 160mm

2. Working power:

● Input : AC 220V±10% , 50H

● Output:DC±12V/200mA , 5V/2A

3. Weight: About 5kg

4. 7 channel fixed frequency pulse sources: 1HZ,10HZ,100HZ,1KHZ,10KHZ,100KHZ,1MHZ

5. Digital frequency meter : 0~300KHZ

6. Two single pulse: can simultaneously output both positive and negative pulses, pulse amplitude is TTL level

7. Quad (T1, T2, T3, T4) and start and stop timing generator circuit.

8. Logic level input and display:

● Sixteen digital independent logic level switch: output "0", "1" level (positive logic)

● Sixteen digital logic level display circuit driven by the LED driver circuit

9. 6 digital consisted of eight digital LED tube BCD decoder display.

10. All Lattice-1032E All I / O ports, EDA program and relevant software is available.

11. Other components:

● IC socket : 40P×1pcs, 20P×2pcs, 16P×1pcs, 14P×4pcs

● Multiple self-made experimental area

● Two different resistance adjustable potentiometer

Basic experiments

1. TTL integrated logic gates parametric tests

2. CMOS integrated logic gates tests

3. Logic gate circuit experiment

4. Commonly used combinational logic device function tests

5. Data Selector and its applications

6. Blood relations and voting circuit detection circuit

7. RS trigger function test

8. JK trigger logic functions and the main parameters test

9. Functional testing of the shift register

10. Decimal counter (CMOS)

11. Asynchronous Counter

12. Synchronous counter
13. Counting, decoding, display circuit experiment

14. 555 integrated timer and its application

15. Sequence Detector

16. Digital - analog converter

17. Following comparison type A / D converter circuit

18. Manually controlled traffic light controller

19. Taillights control circuit

20. Digital clock circuit design

21. Timing circuit testing and research

22. Waveform generator and one-shot

23. A / D converter circuit

24. D / A converter circuit

25. EDA device development and design experiments