Latest Electronic Devices Educational Digital Circuit training kit


Product description

This training it uses high level quality components, it is designed for carrying out multi type digital circuit experiments and it is suitable for electronic technology research and development in the vocational and technical school and universities.

Product Detail

Technical parameter 

1. Dimension: About 500mm × 380mm × 160mm

2. Power supply :

● Input: AC 220V±10% ,50HZ

● Output: DC±12V/200mA , 5V/2A

3. 6 digital high accurate digital frequency meter: 0-9.9999MHZ ,error<1HZ(Designed by CPLD chipset)

4. 5 channel fixed frequency pulse sources: 1HZ,1KHZ,10KHZ,100KHZ,1MHZ

5. Manual single pulse circuit: 2 groups, can simultaneously output both positive and negative pulses, pulse amplitude is TTL level.

6. One set continuous pulse, output is TTL level.

7. Logic level input and display:

● 8 digital independent logic level switch: output "0", "1" level (positive logic)

● 8 digital logic level display circuit composed by a red LED and driver circuit

8. LED display:

● 4 digital BCD decoder display circuit composed by the eight LED digital display 

● 1 digital eight LED digital tube, for digital tube experiments

Basic experiments

1. Transistor switching characteristics

2. TTL logic function and parameter test

3. CMOS logic function and parameter test

4. Connection and driver of integrated logic circuits

5. Design and test of combinational logic circuit

6. Decoder and its application

7. Data selector and its application

8. Trigger and its application

9. Counter and Its Applications

10. Shift Register and its Applications

11. Pulse divider and its application

12. Generate pulse signal by the gate circuit

13. 555 time-base circuit and its application

14. D / A, A / D converter

15. Contest Responder

16. Electronic stopwatch

17. 3-1/2 dc digital voltmeter

18. Digital frequency meter

19. Tug of war game

20. Random access memory 2114A and its application

21. Traffic light automatic controller

22. Car tail light controller