Analog electronic lab trainer Educational Electronic Analog Circuit Teaching Training Board Kit


Product description

All the experiment module are located on the circuit board, the trainees can build the experiment circuit by connecting the different module via locking jack leads. It can help students' thinking, skills and ability.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 500mm × 380mm × 160mm

2. Working power:

● Input:AC 220V±10%, 50HZ

● Output:

DC: - 5V~-12V adjustable, I≥0.2A

DC: +5V~+27V adjustable, DC I≥0.2A

DC: ±12V,+5V, DC I≥0.2A

Above output has the overcurrent protection and automatic recovery function.

AC V:7.5V×2;AC I≥0.15A

3. Adjustable DC signal source:

● 2 channel : -0.5V~+0.5V; -5V~+5V, all are adjustable

4. Low frequency signal source: 2HZ-20KHZ 0-10V , can respectively output square wave, triangle wave, sine wave.

5. Digital frequency meter and DC voltmeter 

6. Discrete component circuits :

7. Rectifier, filter and regulator circuit; single-stage amplifier circuit; two resistive and capacitive coupling capacitance amplifier circuit; negative feedback amplifier circuit; emitter follower; 

differential amplifier circuit; complementary symmetry amplifier circuit; potentiometer group; resistors, capacitors and transistors, FET, SCR. Integrated analog circuits

8. Two independent operational amplifiers (741), integrated amplifier (LM386)


Product composition





Experimental box DICE-A9 host

1 pcs


Three-wire power cord

1 pcs


Double connection connector

35 pcs

Basic experiments

1. Single-stage amplifier circuit

2. Multistage amplifier circuit

3. Negative feedback amplifier circuit

4. Emitter follower

5. Differential amplifier circuit

6. Proportion sum operation circuit

7. Integral and differential circuit

8. Waveform generating circuit

9. Active filter

10. Voltage comparator

11. RC sinusoidal oscillator integrated circuit

12. Integrated power amplifier

13. The rectifier filter and shunt regulator circuit

14. Series voltage regulator circuit

15. Integrated voltage regulator

16. RC sinusoidal oscillator

17. LC oscillator and frequency selective amplifier

18. Current/voltage conversion circuit

19. Voltage/frequency conversion circuit

20. Complementary symmetry power amplifier

21. Waveform conversion circuit