Didactic Electronic Lab Equipment PIC Innovative Experiment Development Training Kit for Education


Product Description

This training kit is an integrated PIC design and developing system which contains experimental instrument, programmer, simulation interface, ICSP download cable, it is equipped with control CPU and programming software, which can support 90% PIC experiments and development.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 380mm × 290mm × 130mm

2. Working power: Can be connected to an external AC or DC power, input power voltage can be a range of 7-12V, current 200MA above, and it is protected by overcurrent protection circuit

3. RS232 serial communication : Can communicate with SCM and computer 

4. 24 independent LED : Can be connected to the microcontroller RA, RB, RC any IO port to indicate the output high and low level (DIP switch can control any one port line and connected with the LED off)

5. 8 independent keys : Easy for input experiment data

6. 2-way A / D converter input 

7. Series of experiments PIC chip socket : Including 8PIN, 14PIN, 18PIN, 20PIN, 28PIN, 40PIN, PIC10 series of special, PIC16F57 special socket

8. DS1302 clock : Comes with a memory cell (the default RB0, RB4, RB5 mouth, by switching off the microcontroller can be extended to connect to any port after the default port)

9. Simulation debugging connection interface : Can be directly connected

10. ICD1/ICD2/MCD1/MCD2 on-board chips and resources for online simulation

11. IIC (I2C) communication : Can use hardware or software IIC IIC directly read and write 24CXX experimental chips 

12. SPI communications :Can directly read and write 93CXX the MCU SPI EEPROM hardware or software simulation SPI, can select 8 or 16 to read and write mode by jumper 

13. Infrared remote control receiver :Can test infrared remote control decoder, it is suitable for all kinds of infrared remote control 

14. Pronunciation Buzzer / PWM output experiment : Can test common pronunciation and sing, and can test PWM output port pronunciation

15. Clock selection :Can switch various oscillation mode by change the jumper position, can develop different frequency crystal according to product development requirements

16. I/O expansion outside : The microcontroller I / O ports can be coupled to external users plates

17. Onboard programming programming module : It use USB port to communicate with the computer, it is dedicated CPU monitoring and programming and it is very stable ; it is equipped with a random distribution of the ICSP interface and ICSP download cable, easy target for 

other online programming

19. 1602 character LCD display : This is currently one of the most commonly used LCD module, inside dot 5 * 7 * 2, can display 16 characters, the contrast of the display can be adjusted by VR

20. 6 digital 7 segment LED : Can achieve digital dynamic or static display experiment, can be used to display the clock, temperature, or make counter (default RD and RA connection port)

21. Support programming and experimental development of PIC chip: Onboard 8, 14, 18, 20, 28, 40 pins PIC microcontroller chip socket, onboard PIC10 series, PIC16F57 chip socket, almost can test full range of PIC chips, but you can also choose a variety of jumpers for 

different oscillation

Product composition





PIC200 main host(main board contains : DS1302+24C02+93C46)



USB cable



RS232 cable



PIC16F877A chip



ICSP online download cable



1602 character LCD module



DuPont Experimental cable head


Basic Experiments

1. LED Flow Light experiment

2. Double color LED experiment

3. Color LED experiment

4. Passive buzzer experiment

5. One digital tube display experiment

6. 74HC595 drive 8 digital tube experiment

7. Independent keys experiment

8. Matrix keyboard experiment

9. 8×8 dot matrix experiment

10. LCD1602 experiment

11. LCD12864 experiment

12. TFT color screen experiment

13. External Interrupt experiment

14. Timer 0 experiment

15. Timer 1 experiment

16. Eight digital tube count experiment

17. DS18B20 experiment

18. DS1302 experiment

19. AT24C02 experiment

20. Relay experiment

21. DC motor experiment

22. Stepper motor experiment

23. Photosensitive / flame / Hall sensor experiment

24. AD conversion experiment

25. Infrared tube experiment

26. 74HC138 three eight decoder experiment

27. 74HC164 experiment

28. 74HC573 experiment

29. Infrared decoding experiment