Vocational Training Equipment, Educational Science Typical Sensor School Training Kit Equipment


Product description

1. The training kit uses separate heat and digital intelligent temperature regulation, it is a perfect solution to heat aging and performance instability 


2. It adopts independent modular units and modular design which makes more easily to carry out the relative experiments.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 500mm × 380mm × 160mm

2. Intelligent temperature control module: 0 ~ 400 °C temperature range

3. Signal source: 1k ~ 10kHz, amplitude VPP = 8V, with a digital frequency meter indication

4. DC power source: ± 5V, ± 12v

5. Current source: 0 ~ 20mA Output

6. DC voltmeter: 0-2V, 0-20V

Product composition





Temperature sensor module include

1SET, PN junction, negative thermal sensitive resistors, LM35, platinum resistance, copper resistance, K-type thermocouple, E-type thermocouple


Optical speed sensor module



Strain sensor module



Differential transformer module



Hall sensor module



Capacitive sensor module


Basic experiments

1. Wheatstone bridge performance test

2. Half-bridge performance test

3. Full-bridge performance test

4. Metal foil strain gauge arm, half-bridge, full-bridge performance comparison

5. Temperature of the metal foil strain gauge the impact of the experiment

6. Full-bridge DC applications - electronic scale experiments

7. Displacement characteristics of capacitive sensor experiments

8. Displacement DC excitation Hall sensor experiment

9. Displacement AC excitation Hall sensor experiment 

10. Application of Hall sensors - Current overrun detection alarm

11. Differential transformer displacement characteristics experiment

12. Excitation frequency on the characteristics of the differential transformer

13. Zero residual voltage differential transformer compensation experiment

14. Photoelectric sensor speed circuit experiment

15. Eddy current speed sensor circuit experiment

16. Magnetic speed sensor circuit experiment

17. Hall speed sensor circuit experiment

18. Speed fiber optic sensor circuit experiment

19. Displacement characteristics of optical fiber sensors experiment

20. PN junction temperature sensor temperature characteristic experiment

21. Negative thermal sensitive resistance temperature characteristic experiment

22. Integrated temperature sensor LM35 temperature characteristic experiment

23. Platinum resistance temperature characteristic experiment

24. Copper resistance temperature characteristic experiment

25. K-type thermocouple experiment

26. E-type thermocouple experiment

27. Measurements Enlarge experiment