Electronics Trainer Comprehensive Electronic Science Experimental Portable Educational Training Kits/Suitcase


Product description

This kit is integrated experimental box with digital and analog electronic kit. It uses built-in function generator, digital voltmeter, six high-precision digital frequency meter, and has the extended area to achieve open teaching .

Product Detail

Technical parameter 

1. Dimension: About 500mm × 380mm × 160mm

2. Working power:

● Input: AC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ

● Output :

- DC:-5V ~-12V, voltage is continuously adjustable , I ≥ 0.2A

- DC: +5 V ~ +27 V, the voltage is continuously adjustable , DC I ≥ 0.2A 

- DC: ± 12V, +5 V, DC I ≥ 0.2A 

Above each output has over current protection, automatic recovery

AC: 7.5V × 2; AC I ≥ 0.15A

3. Adjustable DC source : 

Dual -0.5V ~ +0.5 V; -5V ~ +5 V two channels continuously adjustable

4. Function Generator:

● Waveform: Output square wave, triangle wave, sine wave three waveforms

● Frequency range: Four gears, 2Hz~20Hz, 20Hz~200Hz, 200Hz~2kHz, 2kHz~20kHz

● Amplitude: Square wave, triangle wave 0~20V(Vp-p) , sine wave 0~10V(Vp-p)

5. 2 single pulses: Can simultaneously output both positive and negative pulses

6. 4 channels(T1, T2, T3, T4)and start and stop timing generator circuit

7. 6-way fixed pulse output 1Hz, 10Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz,100kHz, 1MHz

8. 8 digital inputs, 8 outputs display circuit

9. 4 LED digital tube(BCD code display)

10. Hole-type dual in-line IC IC socket: 14 pins×10 pcs, 16 pins×3 pcs, 20 pins×1 pcs

11. Onboard five adjustable potentiometer: 1K, 10K, 100K, 470K, 1M

12. Onboard fixed resistors, capacitors, diodes, the regulator, the speaker for the students to understand and choose

13. Analog components Extension: Students can plug the desired device(up to 7)according to actual needs

14. Analog circuit experimental zone: the single tube, double tube, a differential amplifier, integrated amplifier and rectifier, filter, regulator and 

other circuit components

15. Pin seat: gold-plated medium bore, never oxidation, beautiful appearance, practical, experimental wire plug with gold plating production, 

more convenient plug contact is more reliable, longer life

16. Six high-precision digital frequency meter, measuring range: 0~9.9999 MHZ error<1 Hz(by the CPLD chip design)

17. Onboard digital voltmeter 0~220V

Basic experiments

Analog part:

1. Logic function circuits and testing

1. Single-stage amplifier circuit

2. Two-stage amplification circuit

3. Negative feedback amplifier circuit

4. Emitter follower

5. Differential amplifier circuit

6. Proportion sum operation circuit

7. Integral and differential circuit

8. Waveform generating circuit

9. Active filter

10. Voltage comparator

11. RC sinusoidal oscillator integrated circuit

12. Integrated power amplifier

13. Rectifier filter circuit and a shunt regulator

14. Series voltage regulator circuit

15. Integrated voltage regulator

16. RC sinusoidal oscillator

17. LC oscillator and frequency selective amplifier

18. Current/voltage conversion circuit

19. Voltage/frequency conversion circuit

20. Complementary symmetry power amplifier

21. Waveform conversion circuit

22. Yang effect tube experiment(new)

23. SCR experiment circuit(new)

28. Four priority decision circuit

Digital part:

1. Logic function circuit and testing

2. Decoder and data selector

3. Arithmetic circuit(half-adder, full adder and logic operation)

4. Trigger R-S, D, J-K

5. Counter circuit testing and research

6. One-shot and waveform generator

7. Integrated counter and register

8. 555 circuit

9. Three-state output flip-flops and latches

10. COMS gate circuit test

11. TS gate, OC gate functional test and application

12. Different series TTL chip performance and parameters test

13. Gate circuit drive capability test

14. Logical experiments and analysis

15. TTL and COMS interconnected experiment

16. MSI experiment

17. Competition and adventure experiment

18. Trigger application

19. Register application

20. Counter MSI chip applications

21. Timing circuit applications

22. Order pulse and pulse divider circuit

23. Schmitt trigger and application

24. Monoflop and application

25. Muti analog switch and its applications

26. Digital Timer

27. Voltage converter

28. Four priority decision circuit