Laboratory Training Unit Education Basic Electronic-electric Training System Kit


Main features

1. Push Pull or Press Switches

2. +12VDC Bulks

3. Resistance Bank

4. Capacitance Bank

5. Inductance Bank

6. NPN, PNP Transistors

7. Diodes, Bridges

8. Regulator

9. Zener Diodes

10. LED

11. Double size Breadbo

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Basic electronic-electrical training system

● Plug in type

● For studying Basic Electrical and Electronics circuits

● Each set consists of:

- Set of necessary plug in electrical/electronic components to cover all experiments.

2. Regulated power supply:

● Power supply with short circuit protections that provides+5V, +12 and -12V Power Supply Fuse protected.

3. Variable DC Power Supply:

● Dual Variable Power Supply that provides +1.25~+30V and -30~-1.25V powers. Fuse protected.

4. AC Power Supply:

● Power Supply that provides 9V, 15V, 18V & 30VAC supplies.

5. AC, DC Voltmeter, Ammeters:

● Voltmeters and Ampere Meters with AC, DC ranges that provides 0-30VAC 0-30VDC

● 0-1 Amp. AC, 0-500m Amp. DC with protection fuse.

6. Galvanometer:

● Galvanometer for current deflection with protection fuse.

7. Function Generator:

● Sine, Square, Triangular Wave Frequency all adjustable. 0.5Hz to 500Khz six ranges.


● 5K ohm, 10Kohm, 100K ohm Variable type


Basic experiments

1. Single-stage amplifier

2. Emitter follower

3. Proportional sum operation circuit

4. Integral and differential circuit

5. Waveform generation circuit

6. Voltage comparator

7. Linear regulator circuit

8. Adjustable voltage regulator circuit

9. Waveform conversion circuit