Programming System with Traffic Light Management / Portable experiment Case / Education Kits


Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Supply voltage: AC220V

2. Dimension: 390 x 325 x 140mm

3. Weight: approx. 10kg

4. PLC host: PLC SEIMENS S7-200 CPU224

5. Program debugger: USB TO RS485


PLC controller introduction

The traffic light system mainly uses PLC SEMENS S7-200 CPU200CN as the control host, which mainly includes the following features:

1) Integrated 14 input / 10 output, 24 digital I / O points, can be connected to 7 extended modules, and can be extended to 168 digital I / O points or 35 analog I / O points.

2) 13K bytes program and data storage space. 6 independent 30KHz high-speed counters, 2 independent 20KHz high-speed pulse outputs, with PID controller. 1 RS485 communication /programming port with PPI communication protocol, MPI communication and free mode communication capability.

3) 220V AC input 24 DC output.