Small Trainer to Display Freezer Educational Training Equipment


Product description

Small freezer training equipment includes three main parts of electrical control systems, refrigeration units, and real storage room. It can simulate the control principle and workflow of real small freezer. The students ca learn the cold storage unit design, load calculation, electrical design, warehouse design, cold storage management, cost estimates and other aspects skills.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 6000mm × 2400mm × 2500mm

2. Working power: AC380V±10%,50Hz

3. Compressor power: ≥2.5HP

4. Refrigerant: R22

5. Safety protection: overvoltage, over current, overload, leakage and grounding

Product composition






Cold storage units

1 pcs

Compressor power is above 2.5HP, semi-closed


Electrical control cabinet

1 pcs

Controller, operator terminals, lines


Cold storage room

1 pcs

Size: 1500(L)×1500(W)×2100mm(H), The thickness of the storage room wall is above 100mm


Experiment manual

1 pcs

Basic experiments

Training contents

1. Understandthe structure and principle of small freezer system

2. Design of small freezer system, including cooling capacity calculation, cold room installation

3. Electrical control system design of small freezer system, includingdesign of electrical diagrams, electrical protection

4. Small freezer system startup, operation, commissioning and protection technology

5. Small freezer fault analysis, solutions and prevention

Fault analysis and solutions

1. Freezer temperature controller damaged

2. High temperature room temperature controller damaged

3. Freezer temperature sensor circuit disconnected

4. Freezer temperature sensor circuit shortcut

5. Freezer defrosts sensor circuit disconnected

6. Freezer defrosting sensor circuit shortcut

7. Pressure controller damaged

8. Condenser fan damaged

9. Freezer cooler damaged

10. Compressor does not work

11. Freezer does not work

12. Over-current protection alarm

13. High temperature room sensor circuit disconnected

14. High temperature room sensor circuit shortcut.

15. High temperature room defrost sensor circuit disconnected

16. High temperature room defrost sensor of circuit shortcut

17. High temperature room is not cooling

18. The freezer does not defrost

19. High temperature room does not defrost