Central Air-Conditioner Trainer Central Air Conditioning System Training Device


Product description

Central air conditioning system training device can simulate real process of building central air conditioning system. It can demonstrate "summer refrigeration cycle" and "winter heating cycle" process of the central air conditioning. The system includes the electrical control system and central air conditioning system. The students can learn various skills of central air conditioning system design, load calculation, electrical design, piping design, energy management and cost estimates.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 6000mm × 2400mm × 2500mm

2. Working power: AC380V±10%,50Hz ,≥6.5KW

3. Working temperature: Ambient temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

4. Cooling capacity: ≥7.5KW

5. Rated heating power: 2.0KW

6. Flow rate: 700m3/h

7. Refrigerant: R22

8. Safety protection: Overvoltage, over current, overload, leakage and grounding.

Product composition






Central air conditioning units

1 pcs

Central air conditioning specified units, evaporator, condenser, tank, fan coil units, piping (sight glass, pressure gauge, etc.). Cooling / chilled water pumps, more than 0.18Kw.


Cooling towers

1 pcs

Specsmore than 2T


Simulated rooms

1 pcs

Industrial profile bracket, environmentally friendly materials Wall.


Electrical control cabinet

1 pcs

Specsabout 600*500*1800mmstandard electrical cabinet. Compositioncontroller, operation terminals, contactor, relays, data collector, buttons, indicators, fault setting boards, digital instrument, etc.


Experiment manuals

1 pcs

Basic experiments

Training contents:

1. Understand the structure and composition of the central air conditioning

2. Starting and stopping the central air conditioning

3. Running and adjustment operation of the central air conditioning

4. Testing the running conditions and running parameters of the central airconditioning

5. PLC for advanced programming and PLC installation, wiring and commissioning

6. With pressure transmitters, temperature sensors and the corresponding A / Dconversion module, entire operating parameters collection, real-time monitoring and other training

7. Achieve the functions like the animated show of central air conditioning running, show running data, real-time monitoring, curve analysis, show historical records, alarm, print the configuration

8. Training of network remote control

9. Training of network installation and setting up

10. Training of installation and using of sensors and transmitters

Fault analysis and solutions:

1. High pressure protection

2. Expansion valve clogged

3. Compressor does not work

4. Fans of combination of wind cabinet do not turn

5. Condensing tower fan does not turn

6. Simulated boiler does not work

7. Cold water pump does not work

8. Hot water pump does not work

9. Condensate pump does not work

10. Refrigeration control computer sensor head does not work

11. Computer-controlled analog boiler sensor probe does not work

12. Adjustment of expansion valve is not normal

13. Compressor overload

14. Compressor starting capacitor does not work

15. System fan does not turn

16. Cooling water is not circulating

17. Heating water is not circulating

18. Refrigeration compressor contactor is not normal

19. Analog boiler heating contactor does not work

20. Condensation tower fan motor losses phase