European Cheap 110V Cabinet Type Air Conditioner Trainer Device Price


Product description 

The cabinet air conditioning training device can be used to train students to master the theoretical knowledge and technical skills of air conditioning installation, commissioning and maintenance. 

Product Detail

Technical parameter 

1. Dimension: About 950mm × 800mm × 1750mm

2. Working power: AC220V, 50HZ

3. Rated power: ≤1.5KW

Product composition






Cabinet air conditioning training bench

1 pcs

Power: more than 2HP; Cabinet air conditioner of

well-known brand 


Experiment manual

1 pcs

Basic experiments

1. Room temperature sensor circuit disconnected

2. Temperature sensor probe shortcut

3. Ambient temperature sensor circuit disconnected

4. The ambient temperature sensor probe shortcut

5. Remote control receiver doesn’t work

6. Damper motor does not turn

7. Primary transformer circuit is open

8. Secondary transformer circuit is open

9. The indoor fan does not turn

10. The indoor fan start fuse doesn’t work

11. Four-way valve doesn’t work

12. Outdoor fan does not turn

13, outdoor fan starts fused doesn’t work

14. The compressor start relay coil doesn’t work

15. The compressor serialized protection broken