Educational Inverter Air Conditioner Training Equipment with Price


Product description

This device can be used to train students to master the theoretical knowledge and refrigeration professional practice skills of inverter air conditioning system.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 950mm × 800mm × 1750mm

2. Working power: AC220V, 50HZ, ≤1.5KW  

Product composition






Inverter air conditioning training bench

1 pcs

Power: more than 1HP;


Experiment manual

1 pcs

Basic experiments

1. Compressor overload protection

2. Outlet temperature sensor open circuit 

3. Outlet temperature sensor short circuit 

4. Ambient temperature sensor open circuit 

5. Ambient temperature sensor short circuit 

6. Outdoor pipe temperature sensor open circuit

7. Outdoor pipe temperature sensor short circuit 

8. Auxiliary heater open circuit 

9. Outdoor fan does not work 

10. Indoor fan does not work 

11. Indoor temperature is out of control

12. Remote control receiver open circuit 

13. Indoor temperature sensor open circuit 

14. Indoor temperature sensor short circuit

15. Indoor pipe temperature sensor open circuit 

16. Indoor pipe temperature sensor short circuit

17. Remote fan does not work 

18. Indoor and outdoor unit communication disabled 

19. Four-way valve coil open circuit

20. Power fuse short circuit