3 D dynamic driving simulator-three screens


3 D dynamic driving simulator-three screens

Product Detail


l  Dimension:1500 mm *1250 mm *1700mm     

l  Power consumption: <250W

l  Frequency response: 100HZ-12.5DHZ

l  Signal to noise ratio: ≧50dB

l  Shake rate: ≦02%

l  Weight: 240kg

l  Language: English

l  Screen:3 screens, 27 inches

l  Driving mode: manual and automatic mode

l  Cockpit:The cockpit is made of FRP, without small pieces, moisture-proof and crack-proof, durable and never-changing; the appearance is simple and elegant, stylish and beautiful. The five operating parts and instrument panel are configured with real real parts, the steering mechanism is constructed with the real car steering wheel assembly, and the actual car rotation direction is automatically returned.


1.Interface display:

Accelerator, brake, steering, clutch depth progress display. Various indicator lights, text prompt boxes, gear position, training scores, rear view mirrors (left, right, middle), rear view mirrors can be adjusted, and training circuit diagrams are displayed.

2.Simulated vehicle types:

Cars, jeeps, continuously variable transmission vehicles (automatic gears), trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles

3. Weather selection:Day, snow, fog, rain, night

4.Automatic scoring: After each training, the system automatically gives the students a score by computer, and can automatically record the student's error operation and deduction points; enable the trainees to know their training results, wrong operation and deduction points.

5.Driving road selection:

(1) General road;

(2) Highway;

(3) Urban road; (including: pedestrians, bicycles, other vehicles, double yellow lines, guard posts, police, traffic lights, turntables, traffic signs, etc.)

(4) Dazzling roads

(5) Muddy road

(6) Mountain road;

(7) Curved pile, reverse stall parking;

(8) “8” shaped roads;

(9) Right angle bends, crossroads, T-junctions, ramps, etc.

(10) Serpentine road;

(11) Parking in place;

(12) Antegrade parking;

(13) Bilateral bridge;

(14) Single-sided bridge;

(15) Single-convex bridge;

(16) Transverse bridge;

(17) Riding obstacles;

(18) Overpass;

(19) Tunnel.