Economical car driving simulator


Economical car driving simulator

Product Detail


Dimensions (mm): 1150 L x 640 W x 1200 H

Net weight (KG): 80kg

Power: 220W

Working voltage: AC220V; 50HZ

Working temperature: 10℃-40℃ 

Relative humidity: 20%-90%


1. Cockpit housing material: overall ABS housing; simple and elegant, fashionable and bright appearance.

2. The instrument panel is configured with real vehicle parts, and the steering mechanism is constructed of the real vehicle steering assembly.

2. Transmission: adopt the gearbox principle of Volkswagen's original real vehicle Santana, including seven gear positions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,reverse and neutral (automatic transmission includes forward, reverse, neutral and park).

3. Driving cockpit: consists of steering wheel, accelerator, clutch, foot brake, hand brake, seat and other control parts.

4. Car seat: professional car seat, beautiful and durable; forward and backward adjustable, suitable for teenagers.

5. Other components: left steering indicator, right steering indicator, emergency light, horn, ignition switch, main power switch, screen wiper, high beam light, low beam light.

6. Simulated driving system software:

    • Weather conditions: sunny, snowy, rainy, dark, foggy, etc.
    • Training models: manual transmission car, manual transmission jeep, manual transmission large truck, manual transmission bus, automatic transmission car, automatic transmission jeep, etc.
    • The density of pedestrians and vehicles can be selected.
    • Multiple driving training subjects:

1) Reversing into garage, parking and starting on the ramp, side parking, curve driving, right angle turning;

2) Preparation for getting on the vehicle; starting; straight driving; accelerating and decelerating; changing lanes; parking by side; driving forward through intersections; turning left at intersections; turning right at intersections; crossing crosswalks; passing through school districts; passing by bus station; passing cars; overtaking; turning around; driving at night.

Parts List
Computer: 1PC
Monitor: 19 inches, 1PC
Driving simulation system: 1SET
Encrypt key: 1PC