Vocational Siemens PLC Types Educational Equipment Training Box, Mechatronics Training Kit, PLC trainer


Product description

PLC Training Box will finish PLC commonly used programming instructions learning and training, typical project training of PLC application.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

1. Dimension: About 500 mm x 340 mm x 160 mm

2. Working power: Single-phase AC220V voltage, frequency 50/60Hz, power<150VA

3. Experiment power supply: DC24V voltage source 1 way, capacity 1A

4. Weight: About 5kg

5. PLC: Can choose Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Omron, AB etc.

Product composition





K2 jumper line

50 pcs


PLC programming cable

1 pcs


PLC programming software

1 pcs


Power cable

1 pcs

Basic experiments

1. To understand PLC hardware and software

1) To understand PLC hardware

1) To understand PLC hardware

2) PLC wiring training

3) PLC inner resource learning

4) The use of PLC programming software

5) PLC application software downloading, uploading and on-line monitoring

2. PLC control software experiments

1) Boolean instruction training

1) Basic instruction practice module

2) Timer and counter instruction

3) Jump instruction

4) Position / reset and pulse instruction

5) Shift register instruction

6) Common functional instruction

3. PLC control hardware experiments

1) Motor control system

2) Watertower automatic water supply system

3) Various liquid automatic control system

4) Analog TV tower

5) Automatic feeding loading system

6) Automatic traffic light system

7) Vending machine

8) Automatic control molding system

9) Elevator system

10) Plating system

11) Stepping Motor Control System

12) Cutter Base Shortcut Control System

13) Mail Sorting System

14) Level 4 Conveyor Control System

15) Assembly Line Control

16) Mainpulator Control System

17) Digital Display Module