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1. Dimensions of the equipment: 1340mm × 550mm × 1800mm (length × width × height);

2. Aluminum profile frame with self-locking wheel device;

3.Power supply: Single phase, AC220V/50Hz;

4. Working power: DC 12V;

5. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +50 ° C.

Product description

1. Consists of a real and operable plug-in electric car charging system. The trainer is divided into three-phase AC charging pile and three-phase full-bridge rectifying car charger. It can demonstrate the three-phase full-bridge rectification principle and working process, including three-phase charging pile card swiping principle demonstration, three-phase full-bridge rectification process demonstration, charging system handshake signal and process demonstration, etc.

2. The trainer integrates the European standard/national standard charging gun, and the definition and function of each base pin in the charging gun are indicated in the demonstration board;

3. The trainer can display various sensor signals during the charging process of the plug-in electric car, such as CC/CP signal, input and output voltage sampling signal and ripple, input and output current sampling signal and IPM protection signal, short circuit protection signal, etc. The characteristics and changes of the waveform and amplitude frequency can be observed through an oscilloscope or a multimeter;

4. The trainer provides demonstrations of all protection strategies during plug-in electric car charging, such as short circuit protection, temperature protection, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, handshake failure protection, etc.

5. Truely demonstrate the whole charging and discharging process of plug-in electric car in battery detection, automatic inspection pre-charge, automatic charging control, protection strategy, etc.

6.  The training bench is with mobile self-locking casters.

Product Detail

Product configuration

1. Three-phase AC charging pile module;

2. Three-phase full-bridge rectifying car charger module;

3. Charging gun module; 

4. Power supply cable: connect to the power supply;

Training project

1. To familiar with electric car charging training system structure

2. To familiar with electric car charging training system charging principle

3. To familiar with electric car charging training system charging current control process

4. To familiar with electric car charging training system charging control method

5. To familiar with electric car charging training system charging connecting method

6. Learn how to charge the battery pack

7. Demonstrates the principle and working process of three-phase full-bridge rectification;

8. Demonstrate the handshake signal and process of charging system.