Electric car motor control system teaching trainerVocational training equipment electronic trainer new energy training electric car motor control system teaching trainer



1. Dimensions of the equipment: 1340mm × 550mm × 1800mm (length × width × height);

2. With steel structure welding, spray coated, with self-locking wheel device;

3. Power supply: Single phase, AC220V/50Hz;

4.Working power: DC 12V;

5.Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +50 ° C.

Product description

This product consists of DC to DC device, power distribution box device, electrical appliance device, electrical appliance switch device, auxiliary electrical appliance output device, oscilloscope device, high voltage motor drive control device, high voltage motor device, accelerator pedal assembly, emergency protection switch and other assembly. It uses the plug-in wire connection method to train students' hands-on skill from the basic to the advanced. It's suitable for medium and high vocational technical colleges, general education colleges and training institutions for teaching needs of new energy motor control systems and maintenance training.

Product Detail

Product configuration

1. DC to DC device: convert into low voltage stable voltage DC output from high voltage DC input;

2. Distribution box device: consists of various components, and the high-voltage input is monitored and processed for safe output;

3. Electrical appliance device: achieve discharge work conditions to reach training target;

4. Electrical appliance switch;

5. Auxiliary electrical appliance output device: high current output socket output, can connect the external electrical appliance;

6. Oscilloscope device: 2.4-inch high-definition TFT LCD color screen, with waveform parameter digital display;

7. High-voltage motor drive control device.

8. High-voltage motor: rated voltage 24V, rated power 210W, rated speed 0~3000rpm;

9. The accelerator pedal assembly;

10. Emergency protection switch;

11. Insulation workbench: made of insulating and environmentally friendly materials, which is safe and beautiful;

12. Cabinet: It is convenient for storing daily training tools, testing connecting wire, instrumentation and other testing instruments;

13. 220V leakage protection switch: monitor input and output voltage and current, protect equipment power supply and electrical appliance;

14. 220V leakage protection switch box: prevent the human body from touching the power contact point;

15. 220V plug;

16. Power supply cable: connect to the power supply;

17. Test terminal: used to test the working conditions of the various components of the equipment, to achieve the training target;

18. 800mm connection wire.

Training project

1. Motor voltage measurement experiment;

2. Motor speed measurement experiment;

3. High-voltage motor drive controller setting experiment;

4. High-voltage motor operation wave route measurement experiment;

5. The experiment of electrical appliance power discharge curve analysis;

6. Dynamic and static measurement experiment of accelerator pedal;

7. The oscilloscope measurement experiments;

8. Wire connection measurement application experiment;

9. Measurement application experiment of power distribution box device;

10. Measurement application experiment of auxiliary electrical output;

11. DC to DC device measurement experiments.