Electric car steering system trainerElectric car steering system trainer/new energy automotive training equipment driving school simulator



1. Dimensions of the equipment: 1300mm × 1000mm × 1800mm (length × width × height);

2. With steel structure welding, spray coated, with self-locking wheel device;

3. Power supply : Single phase, AC220V/50Hz;

4, Working power: DC 12V;

5. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +50 ° C.

Product description

Made of pure electric car electronically controlled power steering system components and front suspension system components and arrange according to the position layout of original car. electronically controlled booster steering system is independently operated on the trainer. Front wheel positioning detection and adjustment are available. The trainer composed of coil spring, swing arm, electronically controlled steering booster system, steering column, steering wheel, steering castor, 1.5KW motor, angled disc with scale, etc.

Product Detail

Product configuration

1. Training bench:  Adopt front suspension system and electronically controlled booster steering system assembly:

     (1). Equipped with two independent suspensions, upper and lower brackets and steering knuckles, wheel hubs and tires in the front axle structure;

     (2). Steering booster steering booster pump, steering machine assembly, left and right tie rods, steering column and steering wheel, etc.

     (3). Booster steering pump drive motor 1.5KW), steering double-loading simulating car weight and road condition device, movable frame, mechanical rotation safety cover.    

2. Console

     (1). Equipped with ignition switch, power indicator light, leakage protection switch, DC 12V switch power supply;

     (2). Car speed simulation adjustment device, main oil pressure gauge, left and right power cylinder oil pressure gauge;

     (3). Integrated circuit fault setting and evaluation devices.

Training project

1. Understanding various components of pure electric car steering system;

2. Understanding the working principle of the pure electric car steering system;

3. Fault diagnosis and detection of electric steering system;

4. Troubleshooting of the electric steering system.