Electrical electronic training board electronic teaching board electric car motor application display training device



1. Dimensions of the equipment: 1340mm × 550mm × 1800mm (length × width × height);

2. Steel structure welding, spray coated, with self-locking wheel device;

3. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +50 ° C;

4. The device panel adopts advanced aluminum-plastic board with 4mm thickness: corrosion resistance, attract resistance, pollution resistance, fire-proof and moisture-proof;

5. The panel is with varnish sprayed, won't be fade.
Product description
The base plate of this product is equipped with five sectioned common motors of new energy, they can be rotated 360°, which is convenient for the trainees to understand the structure of the motor. It is suitable for medium and high vocational technical colleges, general education colleges and training institutions for the teaching needs of new energy car motor drive system and maintenance training.

Product Detail

Product configuration

1. Switch reluctance motor cutaway;

2. Wheel hub motor cutaway;

3. Asynchronous motor cutaway;

4. Permanent magnet synchronous motor cutaway;

5. Brush DC motor cutaway.

Training project

1. Cognitive experiment of structure and principle of switch reluctance motor;

2. Cognitive experiment of the structure and principle of the wheel hub motor;

3. Cognitive experiment of structure and principle of asynchronous motor;

4. Cognitive experiment of structure and principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor;

5. Cognitive experiment of structure principle of brush DC motor.