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Car model: BJEV EC180

1. Dimensions of electric vehicle: 4500mm × 1700mm × 1800mm (length × width × height);

    Note: the sizes of different vehicle may vary;

2. Training panel: 1500 * 600 * 1800mm (length × width × height), with steel structure welding, spray coated, with self-locking steering wheel device;

3. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +50 ° C.

Product description

Through dissecting the shield parts of a runable original electric car,the equipment displays the original circuits and its power system. it is equipped with the fault setting and measurement training panle, which the original vehicle circuit can be restored easily to ensure the same performance as the original one; and can also connect to the fault setting training panle; the trainees can make dynamic and static state data measurement, waveform analysing, performance experiment by the external detection terminal.

Product Detail

Product configuration

1. The training panel contains the following systems:

1) Measurement panel: The circuit diagram on the panel is completely designed according to the original electric car circuit diagram, and the measurement points are installed to measure and analyze the control system signals;

2) Fault setting system: It can perform various types of fault setting and fault simulation, including disconnect circuit, short circuit, intermittent fault, signal error, etc.

2. The whole electric car is dissectioned, but remain the complete power transmission system and control system. Various systems of the car can operate normally.

3. The training panel can be connected to the whole car through an aviation connector and connecting cable to keep all functions of the original car. The training panel can be removed and the vehicle still run normally.

4. The training panel is made of high-grade aluminum-plastic board with 5mm thickness, which is corrosion-resistant, attact-resistant, pollution-resistant, fire-proof and moisture-proof;

Training project

1. Understanding of the internal structure of pure electric cars;

2. Understanding the function, working principle and structure of each system in pure electric cars;

3. Detection and analysis of electrical circuit signals of various internal systems of pure electric cars;

4. Fault diagnosis and analysis of various system of pure electric cars;

5. Troubleshooting of various system of pure electric cars.