Electric Vehicle cutaway/New Energy Automotive Training Equipment Driving School Electric Vehicle Cutaway Training Device


Brief introduction

This training model is cutaway for understanding the structure and work principle of a electric car. all of high pressure safety system, driving motor integrated system, battery characteristics integrated system, braking system, electric power steering control system, electric air-conditioning system, charging system are cutaway to make students more intuitively understanding of the structure of electric vehicle system composition and working principle. 

Product Detail

Product structure and composition

1. Testing of the electric car

2. Electric vehicle high pressure safety system

3. Electric vehicle drive motor integrated system

4. Battery characteristics integrated system

5. Electric vehicle braking system

6. Electric power steering control system

7. Electric vehicle charging system。

Technical parameters :

Vehicle brand : Zhongtai auto, model : Cloud 100

Motor: pure electric 24 HP

Gearbox: single speed gearbox

Length * width * height (mm):3559*1620*1476

Body structure: 5 door 5 seats,

Front wheel (mm):1405

Rear wheel (mm):1400

Motor type: AC / asynchronous

Total motor power (kW):18

Total motor torque (N*M):120

Maximum power of front motor (kW):18

Maximum torque of front motor (N*m):120

Battery type: lithium ion battery

MIIT mileage (km):155

Battery capacity (kWh):18

Power consumption per hundred kilometers (kWh/100km):10

Battery charging time: fast charging 1.5 hours, slow charging for 8 hours

Fast charge (%):80

Transmission type: fixed gear ratio gearbox

Drive mode: Front

Front suspension type: Mcpherson independent suspension

Rear suspension type: trailing arm type independent suspension

Power type: electric power

Front brake type: ventilated disc

Rear brake: drum type

Parking brake: brake type

Front tire specification: 165/60 R14

Rear tire specification: 165/60 R14

Specification: full size spare tire

Other configuration:

Seat belt tips, ISOFIX child seat interface, car lock,

Remote control key, GPS navigation system, console color large screen, Bluetooth / telephone, external audio interface (USB+SD card)