Electric lifting device trainer


Product description

The electric lifting device is mainly composed of hanging arm, counterweight platform, column, variable frequency motor, brake, reducer, reel, pulley, wire rope and hook. In order to control the limit position of the hook up and down, a rotary encoder is installed on the reel shaft to collect the position data of the hook, and a collective control system is set to control the lifting or return of the hook at any position. The inverter, PLC and control system are installed on the control cabinet, which can complete the editing of the lifting operation instruction program for the lifting mechanism. The mobile electric lifting device trainer is of flexibility and wide adaptability, etc. The control system is also with the manual operation control and automatic programming control functions.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

Variable frequency motor: YVP112M-4

Rated power: 4.0KW

Rated rotating speed: 1440r/min (50HZ)

Hoister: JK type 25-29M/MIN

Rotating speed ratio 36:1

Inverter: 22F-D013N104

Man-machine interaction interface: 2711P-T10C4D8 10.4 inch screen

PLC: 1762-L40BWAR-C

IO module: 1762-IF20F2

Experiment bench size: 2400×800×2860mm (L×W×H)

Basic experiment

1. Manual control of electric hanging devices

2. Man-machine interface control of electric hanging devices

3. Manual control of the port portal cart

4. Man-machine interface control of the port portal cart

Main feature 

1.      The experimental bench adopts a vertical structure with a large installation area. The whole lifting device is of fixed type, and the installed platform is fixed with a pull-push screw to the ground to prevent the hook lifting heavy objects from falling sideways. The operating platform is manufactured with industrial standards and is close to the industrial reality. 

2.      The main power supply adopts AC380V three-phase five-wire system, 50HZ, the circuit design has multiple protected functions, such as leakage, shortcut, phase loss, phase sequence, overheating, over-voltage. and etc.

3.      The equipment is stable. Its core part of the electrical components are imported from the United States ROCKWELL AB company's products (including PLC, inverter, touch screen).

4.      The lifting limit protection, overload alarm protection, and inverter fault protection are set during the practical operation.

5.      The fast fuse protection is set on PLC output device as system protection. No need to  remove the module and device frame to replace the fast fuse, just replace the fuse in the fuse base.

6.      The speed and position can be set, and the speed and walking time of each stage in  lifting and dropping can be edited.

7.      Completed with emergency stop switch, can quickly disconnect the power in case of emergency. After a sudden power failure, there is a zero reset protection for the electricity recovery to prevent the motor from starting up automatically.