Combination elevator training model


Product description

The structure of training combination model mainly includes elevator base, elevator shaft traction rope and counterweight mechanism, cabinet and door motor driving mechanism, traction motor drive circuit and rotary encoder, outer layer calling button circuit module, outer layer calling indicator circuit module, power supply air switch (leakage breaker), DC 12V drive power supply, PLC programmable controller, standard wiring port circuit board, cabinet controller, overhaul controller, station arriving bell, tool box and other parts.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

? Dimension: 810 (L) × 610 (W) × 770 (H)

? Package size: 830 (L) × 630 (W) × 830 (H)

? Net weight / gross weight: 20Kg / 25Kg

? Rated working voltage: AC: 220V 50 Hz

? Controller Model: Refer to product model (with data cable and programming software)

? Cabinet leveling position: Rotary encoder and one layer leveling switch

? Drag motor: DC: 0-12V DC gear motor   Rotation speed: 0-25 rpm

? Layer call and layer display: 1-6 layers, layer up and down lights and layer up and down buttons

? Door motor: DC: 0-12V DC geared motor   Rotation speed: 0-25 rpm

? Door motor device: Crank connecting rod DC centre-parted type

? To the station bell: DC 12V

? Continuous stop detection run time: 24 hours

? Door continuously opening and closing times: 10000 times

? Elevator combination layers: 1-6 layers

? Special functions and experimental demonstrations:

Leveling self-learning program setting, automatic test demonstration, PLC connection and program uploading and downloading, PLC monitoring, debugging and parameter setting, leveling height setting, freely programming synthesis 1-6 layer elevator

Product composition

1. Basic structure

Base. It’s with reasonable elevator organization structure and control electrical components wiring, rotating the elevator base direction and location, which is helpful to student for wiring experiment and assembly debugging.

Well path: traction rope, upper pulley, guide rail, counterweight, layer side panel, cabinet and door motor driving mechanism, traction motor drive circuit and rotary encoder, outer layer calling button circuit module, outer layer calling indicator circuit, upper ultimate switch, bottom ultimate switch, the ground layer leveling switch and other components.

It contains cabinet and door motor drive mechanism,traction motor mechanism,outer layer calling button circuit,outer layer calling indicator circuit

Basic training

1. Automatic (manual) door opening and closing program control and PLC timer indicator applying training

2. Cabinet's automatic leveling control training

3. Inside and outside call signal response

4. Consequently response to the cabinet inside and outside call signal, the most remote reverse call response function

5. Normal / overhaul work status and slow up (slow down) jog control training

6. Cabinet straightly drive, emergency stop control training

7. Cabinet lighting control training

8. First layer leveling switch adjustment

9. Rotary encoder pulse and PLC high-speed counter.

10. Layer display, upward and downward drive indicators, each layer call indicators signal indicators training;

11. Shaft upper and lower ultimate switch protection.

12. Automatic upward and downward running test

13. Manual leveling memory settings, elevator leveling self-learning program.

14. Programming software installation and program uploading and downloading

15. PLC input and output point wiring training

16. PLC input and output point wiring fault troubleshooting training