Solar power generation experiment box


Product description

1. This device adopts 15W monocrystalline silicon solar cell panel (35cm*30cm), 220V, 80W solar simulation light to simulate light source, so that it can also be used to test the parameters of solar cell panels indoors. The distance between the cell panel and the anolog light source can be adjusted, and the intensity of the analog light source can be adjusted by knobs,which facilitates students to test the characteristics of the solar cell panel.

2. It Adopts dual system charge and discharge controller with multiple working modes and perfect protection functions, which is ideal controllers for student experiments.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50HZ;

Power: ≤500W;

Working environment:

Temperature: -10°C~+40°C

Relative Humidity<85%(25°C)

Altitude <4000m

Dimension (length × width × height): Experimental box: 62 × 42.5 × 18CM;

Communication line: RS232 to USB

Product composition

Wind and solar power generation training system is mainly composed of:

Training box

1 unit

Training panel(contains below components)

1 Unit


1 set

   Data acquisition card


   Solar controller


   Dot matrix module




   Single phase off-grid inverter


   Load unit


Experiment contents:

l  Solar cell panel characteristics test;

l  Solar controller function test;

l  Solar off-grid inverter function test;

l  Comprehensive experiment of of solar energy application.