Solar photovoltaic power generation system experimental training device


Product description

The training device consists of photovoltaic components, solar control system, inversion and load system, solar test system, experimental platform and auxiliary equipment, which are specially designed to meet the experimental teaching requirements of solar cell performance testing and photovoltaic application of new energy related majors in higher education and vocational education.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

Size: 1300X700X1700mm.  The size of the test panel is 1135X615mm.

Working temperature: -10°C~40°C, relative humidity<85%(25°C)

Power supply: <2.0KVA

Weight : about 100kg

Product composition

Wind and solar power generation training system is mainly composed of:

Training bench

1 unit

Monocrystalline silicon component 10W

1 Unit

Control module

1 unit

Inversion and load module


Solar energy test module


Storage battery pack


Solar light source controller


   Single phase off-grid inverter


   Load unit


Experiment contents:

l  Solar cell power generation principle;

l  Solar photovoltaic panels energy conversion;

l  Photovoltaic conversion influenced by environment;

l  Solar cell photovoltaic systems direct load characteristics;

l  Solar controller test and reverse protection test;

l  Protection for storage battery by solar controller;

l  Solar cell IV curve test;

l  12V 24V system design;

l  Anti reverse charge at night;

l  Operation principle and test of off-grid inverter.