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Product description:

The experimental box is designed according to the internal relationship between signal system and digital signal processing, a new comprehensive experimental platform of signal system experiment and digital signal processing experiment. The experimental box adopts digital signal processing technology, which can complete the experiment that the traditional signal system experiment box is hard to complete or the experimental effect is not good, such as: signal system convolution, arbitrary signal decomposition, signal frequency domain analysis, Fourier transform performance analysis, etc. Complete digital signal processing related experiments, such as: DSP (or SOPC) based signal acquisition, FIR (IIR) digital filter online design and performance verification, FFT algorithm design and signal frequency spectrum analysis, voice signal band limit, voice encryption, voice compression, etc.

Product Detail

Product composition


Module name

Module function



Main control module

1. Connect the experimental modules through the CAN LAN, accept the experimental operation commands, manage and set the parameters of each experimental module;

2. Receive network data and directionally load module secondary development software;

3. Signal source: amplitude 0-10Vpp;

DDS signal source 1: sine wave, 0-2MHZ sine wave;

DDS signal source 2: function signal, frequency: 0-50KHZ;

AM, DSB, FM carrier: 20KHZ;

Sampling pulse: 1KHZ-100KHZ; duty ratio: 12.5-87.5%;

4. Telephone signal: two or four line conversion, telephone reception, telephone transmission;

5. Voice terminal: speaker output;

6. 7-inch TFT LCD, complete signal parameter selection, experimental courseware reading, experimental frame diagram and test point principle waveform display, module parameter configuration, spectrum analyzer;

7. Built-in network port, USB port, mobile phone APP setting module parameters, examine how well the students master experiment knowledge.

All parameters can be operated by mouse, and by the PC through the network port in the background.


Signal analysis and voice signal processing module

Based on FPGA and high-speed AD/DA to complete signal acquisition, signal convolution, signal decomposition, voice signal processing, digital filter design and other experiments; module built-in USB interface, provide USB-based data transmission VI function, develop virtual oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer , frequency selective meter, etc.

All functions can be dynamically loaded for secondary development via network.


Zero input zero state, second order circuit transient and stability studying module

Study various responses and understanding of signals through a second-order system.



Filter and sampling theorem module

Study the performance and design of various active and passive filters, sample recovery filters.



Signal synthesis and continuous time system simulated module

Study the influence of harmonic amplitude and phase on the synthetic signal, continuous time system simulation.



Analog modulation and signal spectrum shifting module

Study the correspondence between the time domain and the frequency domain of the analog amplitude modulated signal.


Technnical parameter

1. Integrated instrument based on operating system and TFT:

- DDS low-frequency signal source, can produce: sine wave, triangle wave, pulse, half wave, full wave, music, sweep frequency and other signals, sine wave, sweep frequency: 0-2000KHZ; other signal frequency: 0-50KHZ; signal amplitude :0-10Vpp;

- Sampling pulse, frequency: 0-100KHZ, duty cycle: 12.5%-87.5%;

- Low frequency spectrum analyzer, frequency: 100HZ-1.5MHZ;

- Frequency meter: 0-2000KHZ;

- Millivoltmeter: 0-10V, frequency: 0-2000KHZ;

2. Can complete a variety of convolution experiments, input signals and system functions can be set by PC;

3. Design, simulation and verification of various passive and active analog filters; sampling and recovering of complex signals, recovery filters can be developed;

4. Can complete the online design, impulse and frequency response simulation and implementation of digital filter (providing a full set of online design and download software). Students can study the position and size of harmonic components in complex signals based on this function.

5. Based on digital signal processing technology, can complete: convolution, decomposition and synthesis of arbitrary signals(triangle wave, sine wave, half wave, full wave and other signals, various modulation signals); can study the influence of harmonic amplitude and harmonic phase on signal synthesis.

6. Built-in network interface and high-speed data acquisition module can achieve functions based on LABVIEW virtual oscilloscope, virtual spectrum analyzer, virtual frequency selective meter. Make real-time signal time domain frequency domain analysis on a PC; demonstrate the principle of real-time signal synthesis and the Gibbs effect. The acquisition data can be stored. Analyzed and process various signals in the backstage of the PC: such as bandwidth analysis, spectrum analysis, energy analysis,etc.

7. The experimental box built-in voice interface and dedicated voice acquisition chip, using "oversampling" and "decimation filtering" technology to ensure that the voice also has a good recovery effect in 8KHZ sampling, sampling rate from 8KHZ to 96KHZ is programmable.



Chapter I  Overview of signal and system comprehensive experiments

Experiment 1 Introduction of signal and system modules composition

Experiment 2 Introduction to the experiment module

Experiment 3 signal source

Chapter II  Basic Experiment

Experiment 1 Step response and impulse response

Experiment 2 Simulation of continuous time system

Experiment 3 Active passive filter

Experiment 4 Sampling theorem and signal recovery

Experiment 5 Display of second-order network state track

Experiment 6 Transient response of the first-order circuit (zero input response and zero state response)

Experiment 7 Transient response of second-order circuit

Experiment 8 Second-order circuit transmission characteristics

Experiment 9 Signal convolution experiment

Experiment 10 Decomposition of rectangular pulse signals

Experiment 11 Synthesis of rectangular pulse signals

Experiment 12 Effect of harmonic amplitude on waveform synthesis

Experiment 13 Effect of phase on waveform synthesis

Experiment 14 Performance analysis of digital filter and various vilters

Experiment 15 Digital filter online design and arbitrary signal harmonic analysis

Experiment 16 Signal time domain frequency domain analysis

Chapter III Digital signal processing and voice processing experiment

Experiment 1 Digitization of the voice signal (the original sound can be listened and the waveform diagram can seen);

Experiment 2 Fourier transform (amplitude frequency characteristics and phase frequency characteristics);

Experiment 3: Scale conversion of voice signals (analyse variation of voice and its spectral before and after conversion )

Experiment 4 Voice band limit processing spectrum analysis (voice signals pass through low pass, high pass and band pass filters respectively).