Portable experiment case / Optical fiber communication comprehensive experimental box


Product description

Optical fiber communication comprehensive experiment box is with a strong channel coding experiment; CMI5B1C5B6B scrambling and descrambling other circuit coding functions; the multiplexing and demultiplexing functions, signaling functions and systemic experimental functions are enhanced, and the phone call connection system experiments between platforms can be achieved under the support of signaling. Added color touch LCD keyboard control, DDS signal and frequency selection, experiment content selection, BER tester settings and bit error statistics and other functions can be realized with the keyboard; Optical input and output interfaces are all designed outwards. It is suitable for college students, undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers and related scientific and technical users in all major colleges and universities.

Product Detail

Product composition


Equipment name



Optical fiber communication comprehensive experiment box

1 set


RZ8645 instruction manual

1 book


Power supply cable

1 pc


FC-FC Optical fiber tail filament

1 pc


Signal connecting cable

10 pc


Network cable

1 pc


USB cable

1 pc


Equipped software CD

1 set


Small telephone

2 pcs


FC light adjustable attenuation reducer

1 pc


Wavelength Division Multiplexers/ Demultiplexing (WDM /DEMUX)

1 pair


Optical coupler

1 pc


Technical parameter

1. Three pairs of optical transceivers: 1310, 1550, 850 one pair for each (850 for multi-mode, optional accessory); no light alarm, automatic power control APC, extinction ratio test, PI curve test, average lighting power test, Optical transceiver receiver sensitivity test and other experiments can be done by optical transceiver module.

2. 1310 is of transceiver type; 1550 is made of LD laser and LD light detector and discrete components; 850 is made of LED light emitter, detector and discrete components; experimental box optical transceiver is fully configured.

Both integrated optical transceivers and optical transceiver modules composed of discrete devices are included; Both digital optical transceiver module and analog optical transceiver module end are included; Both single-mode optical fiber transmission module and multi-mode optical fiber transmission module are included.

3. The experiment box source to electrical interface, electrical interface to optical interface, and optical interface to optical path are separated, which is helpful for students to understand the communication system;

4. Two telephone interfaces, a computer USB serial port, a network interface, a switch setting port, a signaling interface, can perform time division multiplexing of different data sources. PDH data time slots can be set by the PC;

5. With a standard E1 interface, line clock is programmable (from 1 to 32 time slots, namely 64KHZ --- 2048KHZ programmable), multiplex data time slot can be configured by PC.

6. Built-in color touch LCD and keyboard, you can make experiment content selection, data setting and data display through human-machine dialogue;

7. The built-in telephone time division switching function of the experimental platform can realize the functions of dialing numbers and calling with 4 parties via the optical fiber between the telephone users (experimental platform);

8. The secondary development such as optical communication channel encoding, USB data communication, network data transmission, optical receiver digital phase-locked loop, fault code detection, and optical network construction can be carried out.

9. Built-in DDS signal source is convenient for students to complete the LED and LD optical transceiver analog signal and video signal transmission experiments;

10. Built-in full-function BER tester module, clock, pattern, inserted bit error, etc. can be selected and time, bit error ratio and so on can be couted by touch LCD, with high cost performance (photometric receiver sensitivity and optical device insertion loss, etc.)

11. SDH teaching analysis software is provided, which can perform experiments such as SDH overhead byte observation experiment, SDH high order channel overhead byte observation experiment, SDH low order channel overhead byte observation experiment, SDH frame multiplexing and positioning, etc.;


Basic experiments

Introduction   Introduction for Optical Fiber Experiment System

Chapter I  Fiber Communication Cognitive Experiments

Experiment 1 Identification experiment of optical fiber and optical cable

Experiment 2 Electro-optic and photoelectric conversion experiments

Chapter II  Optical Transmitter Terminal Index Test experiments

Experiment 1 Average optical power measurement of digital light transmitters

Experiment 2 Measurement of extinction ratio of digital light transmitter

Experiment 3 P-I curve rendering experiment of semiconductor LED light source

Experiment 4 Automatic Optical Power Control (APC) Test

Chapter III  Common Optical Passive Device Test Experiments

Experiment 1 Optical fiber connector

Experiment 2 Performance measurement of optical attenuator 

Experiment 3 Performance measurement of optical isolator

Experiment 4 Performance measurement of wavelength division multiplexers

Experiment 5 Performance measurement of optical splitter

Chapter IV  Optical Receiver Indicator Test Experiment

Experiment 1 Sensitivity measurement of digital optical receiver

Experiment 2 Dynamic range measurement of digital optical receivers

Chapter V  Principles of Transmission and Decoding of Electrical Signals

Experiment 1 AMI/HDB3 encoding principle experiment

Chapter VI Optical Transmission Line Code Compilation Experiment

Experiment 1 CMI code compilation principles and optical transmission experiment

Experiment 2 5B6B Encoding principle and optical transmission experiment

Experiment 3 5B1P Encoding principle and optical transmission experiment

Experiment 4 Scrambling, descrambling principle and optical transmission experiment

Experiment 5 Optical fiber channel diagram observation

Chapter VII  Comprehensive Experiment of Optical Fiber Transmission System

Experiment1 Analog/digital telephone optical fiber transmission system experiment

Experiment 2 Digital data optical fiber transmission system experiment

Experiment 3 Digital image fiber transmission system experiment

Experiment 4 Digital time division multiplexing system optical communication experiment

Experiment 5 E1 Data optical communication experiment

Experiment 6 Network data transmission experiment

Experiment 7 SDH section overhead byte observation experiment

Experiment 8 SDH higher-order channel overhead byte observation experiment

Experiment 9 SDH lower-order channel overhead byte observation experiment

Experiment 10 Multiplexing and positioning of sdh frames

Chapter VIII  Photoelectric Conversion Experiment

Experiment 1 Light transmitting and light detection experiment

Experiment 2 Optical pulse modulation experiment

Experiment 3 Optical audio analog signal modulation experiment