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Product description

The microwave and antenna integrated experimental system is mainly for communication engineering, electronic engineering, microwave engineering and other majors to provide courses such as "Microwave Technology", "Microwave Devices", "Microwave Circuits", "Microwave Communication", "Antenna" etc.

It consists of two experimental boxes: the launch experimental system and the receiving experimental system. The built-in embedded vector analyzer of the receiving system tests the frequency response, component parameters, impedance and antenna characteristics of the active or passive components in real time through PAD and configuration software.It is a comprehensive experimental system of multi-channel RF/microwave communication, RF/microwave technology and antenna, which developed by our company with more powerful functions and more experimental content.

Product Detail

Product composition

1. RF/Microwave transmission subsystem:

It consists of microwave digital IF modulator, microwave digital phase-locked oscillator, microwave upconverter, microwave transmitter filter 1, microwave transmitter filter 2, microwave transmitter VGA, microwave power amplifier, microwave transmitting antenna and so on, which constitute a complete microwave transmitter. And equipped with a CMOS camera etc., can achieve analog image video microwave transmission. In addition, there are microstrip slotting line, 500MHZ- 1.2GHZ voltage controlled oscillator, matching load, open/shorted load, circulator, directional coupler, power splitter, attenuator, phase shifter etc., to meet user’s requirements for transmission line and various passive network testing.

2. RF/Microwave receiving subsystem:

It consists of receiving antenna, receiving filter, microwave low-noise amplifier, microwave receiver VGA, microwave down converter, microwave receiver digital phase locked oscillator, IF filter amplifier, digital IF demodulator, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, band-stop filter, embedded vector analyzer etc., form a complete microwave receiver.

3. External antenna:

It consists of Yagi antenna, parabolic antenna, microstrip antenna, three-dimensional antenna support etc.

4. Equipped with double-branches coaxial transmission line for transmission line characteristics test.


Technical parameter

1. Digital IF modulator:

● Video: CMOS camera

● Voice: 100HZ-20KHZ analog signal

● IF output: 24MHZ, modulation method: QPSK; bandwidth 4096K, impedance: 50 SMA

2. Microwave phase-locked oscillator:

● Frequency range: 2050-2450MHz programmable

● Output power: ≥10dBm

● Phase noise: ≤110dB/Hz@100KHz

3. Microwave up converter:

● IF input range: 10-1300MHz

● Local oscillator input range: 1800-2800MHz

● RF output range: 1500-2500MHz

● Conversion attenuation: <9dB

● RF local oscillator isolation: >45dB

4. Microwave VGA (adjustable gain amplification attenuator):

● Working frequency: 2000-2500MHz

● Gain: -5DB to +15DB programmable

5. Microwave power amplifier:

● Working frequency: 2000-2500MHz

● Gain: >18dB

● 1dB compression point: >18dBm

● Output IP3: >30dBm

6. Microwave transmit/receive antenna: Parabolic antenna, Yagi antenna

7. Microwave low noise amplifier:

● Working frequency: 2000-2500MHz

● Gain: >18dB

● Noise figure: <2.4

● 1dB compression point: >10dBm

8. Microwave down converter:

● RF/local oscillator input range: 300-2450MHz

● IF output range: DC-700Mhz

● Conversion attenuation: <7dB

● RF local oscillator isolation: >40dB

9. IF filter:

● 30MHZ low pass;

10. IF amplifier:

● 100MHZ frequency response, 10db gain

11. Data IF demodulator:

● IF input: 24MHZ high/low data flow 50 SMA

● Video output: 1MB/s

● Audio output: 64Kb/s

11. The circulator, directional coupler, power splitter, electrically controlled attenuator, phase shifter and other component:

● Working frequency : About 800MHZ

13. Microstrip line (annular, Yagi, dipole):

● Working frequency: About 800MHZ

14. Double-branches coaxial transmission line:

● Frequency range: 500MHz-3000MHz; Impedance: 50?; Power resistance: ≥100W

● Main shaft length: 70CM

● Branch length: 25CM

● The two branches can slide continuously on the spindle, the branch length can be changed by sliding the short-circuit block; meet the matching network design requirement

● Standard: Various loads

15. Embedded vector analyzer:

● Working frequency range: 1MHZ-3000MH;

● Single-frequency signal source: 1MHZ-3000MHZ frequency can be adjusted continuously

● Sweep signal source: 1MHZ-3000MHZ, single sweep, continuous sweep

● Signal level: 0dbm

● Dynamic range: 1MHz~500MHz, 90dB, 500MHz~3G, 60dB

● Support single pass while measuring S11 and S21

● Measuring S-parameters, VSWR, impedance, transmission line length, transmission line loss, smith diagram

● 8-inch touch screen, WIN10 operating system


Basic experiments

1. Microwave component testing

● Microwave directional coupler

● Microwave power splitter

● Microwave circulator

● Microwave fixed attenuator

● Microwave phase shifter

● Microwave low-pass filter

● Microwave high-pass filter

● Microwave band-stop filter

● Microwave bandpass Filter

● Microwave up-converter

● Microwave down-converter

● Microwave phase-locked oscillator

● Adjustable gain amplification attenuator

● Microwave power amplifier

● Microwave low noise amplifier


2. Antenna experiment

● Measurement and analysis of antenna input impedance with frequency variation characteristics

● Feeder line impact on antenna impedance measurement experiment

● Antenna standing wave ratio direct reading measurement

● Antenna directional diagram measurement


3. Microwave System Experiment

● Image/data IF modulator

● Image/data IF demodulator

● Digital IF modem performance tests (level, bandwidth, constellation diagram etc.)

● Microwave transmission system

● Microwave receiving system

● Microwave audio and video transmission system