Vocational educational Lab trainer antenna / Electromagnetic wave and antenna comprehensive experimental box


Product description

The electromagnetic wave and antenna comprehensive experimental system can meet the teaching, training and demonstration requirements of "Electromagnetic field" and "Antenna technology" and other courses,  and communication engineering, electronic engineering and microwave engineering, etc. It can also be used in the course design  and graduation design of microwave electromagnetic field technology, and the innovative design based on ADS software.

The electromagnetic wave and antenna comprehensive makes the students feel and experience the whole process of electromagnetic wave's transmitting, spreading and receiving by the way of making sensors by themselves, and can thoroughly understand Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, spreading characteristics of electromagnetic wave, basic structure and characteristics of electric dipole and antenna and other important knowledge, profoundly understand the principle and functions of the law of electromagnetic induction, and the principle of electric dipole and electromagnetic radiation, master the principle and methods of electromagnetic wave measurement technology.

Product Detail

Main composition

Electromagnetic field electromagnetic wave signal source 1 set

(Built-in: lock phase signal source module 1, power amplifier module 1, electric control attenuator module 1, isolator module 1, electromagnetic wave frequency meter module 1, electromagnetic field power meter module 1, selective frequency amplifier module 1, wave detector module 1, micro-ammeter module 1, embedded vector analyzer 1set); multi-polarization transmitting antenna 1;

Antenna test track (including 3D antenna test rack) 1set;

Electromagnetic induction lamp: 10 pcs.

Micro-strip antenna: 1 set (micro-strip Yagi, micro-strip dipole, micro-strip ring);

Electromagnetic wave diffraction study plate 1;

Arm retractable dipole antenna: 1;

Load: 1 set (short circuit, mismatch, match);

Self-made antenna accessories: 1 sets (copper wire, balanced unbalanced converter);

Double branch coaxial transmission line: 1 set (70CM main coaxial transmission line 1, branch transmission line 2, signal detection slider 1);

Accessories 1 set: (SMA and N head adapter: 4; SMA connecting cable 4)

RF active module 2 (low noise amplifier, frequency converter)


Technical parameter

Electromagnetic wave signal source:

l Working frequency range: 700MHz-1200MH;

l High power output: output power can be continuously adjusted by touch liquid crystal (built-in electric control attenuator): 0-35dBm

l Low power output: level value: 0dBm;

l Electromagnetic wave power meter frequency test range: input signal frequency 5MHz-8GHz; power test range: -30dBm-10dBm; display: display by needle of meter and digit, vividly reflect the relationship of position of receiving antenna and receiving angle, electromagnetic standing wave, polarization direction of electromagnetic wave and field strength;

l Electromagnetic wave frequency meter: frequency test range: 450MHz - 2.4GHz; display: signal frequency, wavelength can be displayed by colorful liquid crystal

l Wave detector

Characteristic impedance: 50Ω

Frequency range: 1~8000 MHz

Standing wave ratio VSWR: 1.5 (Max)

Voltage sensitivity: 0.4 (mV/μW)

Maximum supporting power: +35 dBm (200mW)

l Current micro-ammeter

Parametertest range0.1uA-200uA

l Isolatorcharacteristic impedance50Ω

Frequency range: 500MHZ~1500 MHz

 Embedded vector analyzer

Working frequency range: 1MHZ-3000MH

Single frequency signal source:1MHZ-3000MHZ frequency is continuously adjustable;

sweep frequency signal source:1MHZ-3000MHZ, both single sweep and continuous sweep are available;

Signal level: 0dbm;

Dynamic range:10kHz~500MHz90dB500MHz~3G 60dB 

Support once scan while measuring S11 and S21

Measuring S parameters, voltage standing wave ratio, impedance, transmission line length, transmission line loss, Smith circle diagram;

8-inch touch screen, WIN10 operating system.

Antenna track:

Scale accuracy: 1mm

Length range: 120CM

Rotation measurement accuracy: 1°, the vertical surface and pitching angle of the transmitting antenna, the vertical surface and angle of reflector all are adjustable;

Polarization measurement range: 180°

Transmitting atenna

Built-in: horizontal and vertical polarized antennas;

Coaxial transmission line with two branches:

Frequency range: 500MHz-3000MHz; Impedance: 50Ω; Power resistance: 100W

Main axle length: 70CM;

Branch length: 25CM;

The two branches can slide continuously on the main axle, and the length of the branch can be changed by sliding the short block; meeting the requirement of matching network design;

Standard equipped: various loads



Electromagnetic field electromagnetic wave experiment

Electromagnetic field electromagnetic wave signal generator test experiment

Electromagnetic field distribution simulation measurement experiment

Experiment of displacement current measurement and the existence of electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave

Experiment of the distribution of electromagnetic field strength

Electromagnetic wave shielding, penetration and diffraction experiments

Electromagnetic wave reflection experiment

Michelson interference experiment

Electromagnetic wave wavelength test experiment

Electromagnetic wave polarization experiment

Single slit diffraction experiment

Double slit diffraction experiment

Experiment of electric field distribution around positive charge

Experiment of electric field distribution around negative charge

Experiment of electric field distribution between positive and negative charges

Experiment of electric field distribution between parallel plates

Electric dipole radiation (omnidirectional) experiment

Electromagnetic waves (Yagi antenna or other directional antenna) directional radiation experiment

Magnetic dipole radiation experiment

Electric dipole environment monitoring experiment

Electromagnetic pollution measurement experiment of electronic equipment

Strong interference field strength and location measurement experiment

RF antenna experiment

Antenna pattern measurement experiment

Various antenna gain measurement experiment

Antenna polarization experiment

Antenna impedance measurement

Measurement experiment of feeder effect on antenna impedance

Receiving/transmitting antenna system adjustment and antenna attenuation measurement

Antenna standing wave ratio, reflection coefficient measurement

Antenna bandwidth measurement

Design and manufacture of space electromagnetic wave antenna


Impedance test:

Filter input impedance measurement; filter output impedance measurement

Attenuator input impedance measurement; attenuator output impedance measurement

Amplifier input impedance measurement; amplifier output impedance measurement

Impedance measurement of each port of the lower/upper frequency converter

Inductance and capacitance element impedance measurement


Transmission test experiment

Transmission line fault location

Determining the  fault of transmission line (open circuit, short circuit, leakage, etc.)

λ / 4 line open circuit and short circuit characteristic measurement

Short-line impedance matching design and adjustment

Design and adjustment of λ / 4line harmonic oscillator

Measurement of voltage distribution along the line during transmission line matching and mismatching

Impedance measurement during the transmission line matching and mismatching

Reflection coefficient and standing wave ratio measurement of terminal short-circuit transmission line

Reflection coefficient and standing wave ratio measurement of terminal open circuit transmission line

Reflection coefficient and standing wave ratio measurement of terminal matching transmission line