Developed Education Equipment / DSP digital signal processing experimental box


Product description

The digital signal processing experiment box is mainly used to satisfy students' DSP application, digital signal processing and STM32 embedded development experiments.

Product Detail

Product composition


Item name



DSP digital signal processing experiment box



100MHz Digital dual trace oscilloscope






DSP Emulator



Telephone stand-alone






The experiment box mainly contains the following components:

● DSP module interface unit (TMS320VC5416)

● A/D, D/A voice processing chip WM8731

● High-speed serial dual D/A converter TLC5617

● CPLD timing and control signal generation, signal switching programmable logic circuit (with open development zone)

● E1 interface and digital telephone interface unit

● DSP interrupt and serial application circuit (with buffer serial open development area)

● Human-machine dialogue module (4.3-inch color touch LCD)

● User program on-line download interface circuit based on the universal USB port

● SRAM memory module, can be used as data area, program area, I/O port area

● High-speed broadband serial A/D converter TLV1572

● DDS function signal source (square wave, triangle wave, sine wave)

● Central processor unit and HPI host interface unit (host adopts STM32F429)

● Temperature and humidity sensor circuit

● DSP I / O port use and expansion circuit

● Voice terminal circuit

● Computer USB interface unit

● DC motor and stepper motor unit

● Software radio band interface circuit

● Function expansion interface unit

● Image Compression Decompression expansion module (TMS320VC5509)


Basic experiments

1. Digital signal processing experiments:

● MATLAB language operation practice

● Signal spectrum analysis with MATLAB

● Low-pass, high-pass filter amplitude-frequency characteristics

● The actual and realization of IIR digital filter

● Design and implementation of RIR digital filter

● Spectral analysis of discrete signals and signals

● Spectrum analysis of real-time signals

● The frequency characteristics of band-pass band-stop filter

● Designing IIR digital filter with MATLAB

● Designing FIR filter with MATLAB window function method


2. CCS uses the DSP program to debug the experiment:

● Basic operation of CCS

● Basic debugging method for programs in CCS

● Read data and display graphics with CCS

● Fixed point fractional multiplication

● Fixed point fractional division

● Debug FIR digital filter with simulator

● Programming and debugging of IIR digital filter program

● Fast fourier transform (FFT) program

● Debugging of sinusoidal signal generator program

● Adaptive filter path and program


3. DSP principle and application experiment:

● DSP initialization program design experiment

● Data block transmission experiment

● Interrupt and branch experiment

● Timer/counter programming

● McBSP serial port initialization program design and self-loop experiment

● Data space and I/O space expansion and operation experiment

● Serial D/A conversion experiment

● Serial A/D conversion experiment

● Initial design and voice recording and playback experiment of voice interface chip AD50

● Speech compression processing experiment

● DSP I/O port use and digital temperature sensor experiment

● DSP SPI interface design and LED display experiment

● Electronic clock

● Signal generation experiment

● E1 interface design and digital telephone experiment

● Signal decomposition and synthesis experiment

● Traffic light control

● Implementation of online digital filter


● Stepper motor control experiment


4. Communication technology opens an experiment:

● PCM data acquisition and voice playback development experiment

● Time-division switching development experiment

● Modern modulation technology-DPSK modulation and demodulation development experiment

● Modern Modulation technology-OQPSK modulation and demodulation development experiment

● Modern Modulation technology-GMSK modulation demodulation development experiment

● Modern modulation technology-OFDM modulation and demodulation development experiment

● Dual-machine communication development experiment based on DSP for DPSK band transmission

● Two-machine communication development experiment based on DSP for OQPSK frequency band transmission